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Rules for buying gifts for the New Year


The symbols of the New Year can certainly be called a decorated Christmas tree, fragrant tangerines, champagne bubbles and a traditional couple – Grandfather Frost with a snowy granddaughter. However, there is symbolism associated with the patron of the year and individual family traditions. More gifts. And so that they please, it is advisable to follow some rules for buying gifts for the New Year.

The very first rule is the timely purchase of gifts. Not just before the celebration or a couple of days, but much earlier, preferably a month. This is the best time – the time for pre-New Year discounts and offers is already beginning, the range of goods in stores is increasing due to gift sets. There is still no overpriced and hype, an insane accumulation of everyone who wants to make relatives / friends / acquaintances happy with New Year’s gifts. True, there are many opponents of such reasonable purchases. Many believe that this very excitement brings its own unique nuance to the New Year’s mood. But if your goal is to buy a useful and thoughtful gift of the right color / shape / size, then the end of November – the beginning of December is the best time for New Year’s shopping. And to push in excited queues, if there is such a desire, it is possible at the very end of December,

The second rule is thoughtful and planned gifts. The easiest way is to make a special list on November evenings, including the following items: the amount that you can afford and appropriate to spend on a gift; and options for New Year’s surprises, based on the status of a person, relationships with him (colleague, boss, neighbor, girlfriend, relative) and his preferences.

The third rule is not to squander, because a lot of money is spent on New Year’s gifts and most often a lot more than intended and permissible. If you follow the first two rules, as well as the fourth, which will be discussed below, it is not at all difficult to save money without losing the quality and festivity of the gift itself. Do not forget about online stores and the possibility of purchasing "pooled up" and in bulk.

The fourth rule says that gifts can be not only purchased or ready-made. You can supplement, or even create a New Year’s masterpiece with your own hands. Or slightly change the direct purpose of the subject. Voila! And an ordinary inconspicuous item has already become an exclusive and original gift. A cooked dish, organizing a New Year’s Eve, a script or the role of a toastmaster can also be gifts.

Rule five – festive New Year’s packaging is required. It is also worth stocking up on a few themed souvenirs in reserve. Fridge magnets with symbols of the year, New Year’s candles, key chains, etc. will always come in handy. And yet – it is better to think over a gift in advance than to give an expensive, but impersonal item.

What if the purpose of the relationship is something unconditional for which both the man and the woman could take responsibility? What if this is… the practice of love? Love is what is within us; something for which we are responsible in both good and bad times. Love allows us to focus on our own efforts and responsibilities, as well as to notice the advantages of our partner. Too many people focus on taking something from the relationship. But, for a harmonious relationship, you need to give, take responsibility for your happiness, and then “invest" it in others.

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