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Image of a business woman


The image of a business woman is one of the components of success in business, so even if you have excellent taste and the ability to choose the right colors in the image, you need to adhere to certain limits and rules in order to make the right impression.

Business make-up
Natural make-up is the best choice for the office.
The main condition for high-quality natural makeup is an ideal foundation. Take care of your skin, carry out daily skin care procedures (cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing) so that you do not have to use a lot of foundation.

Eyeshadow doesn’t have to be applied at all, but if you’re used to it, choose shades of natural shades without shine for work: beige, peach. Avoid bright colors – this is inappropriate in a work environment.

Mascara should also match the overall concept of the image. The best option would be brown mascara, for brunettes it is recommended to use black mascara. It is better not to use eyeliner, prefer a brown eyeliner to it: gently blend it along the lash line.

Soft lipstick will complete your look.

Hairstyle for a business lady
If you have short hair, styling should not be a problem: just model your hairstyle according to your haircut. Do not use gel to create a wet effect, the hair should be smooth and clean.
For long hair, the following types of hairstyles are suitable: low ponytail, French or classic braid, low bun. It is undesirable to leave hair loose if its length is below the shoulders.

Working wardrobe
In order to feel confident, every woman needs a business suit, and preferably two or three – in different colors. The most suitable shades: gray, black, beige. To complement the costume, you need to buy several blouses. Blouses should be plain, without bright patterns and lace.

A pencil skirt is another essential element of a women’s business wardrobe. A classic straight skirt will also work, but make sure that it is at least two fingers above the knee.
In the cold season, you really want to wear a warm sweater, but at work it will look too informal. You can replace this wardrobe item with a long-sleeved insulated or woolen turtleneck.

Classic shoes
Ideal for the office – classic black pumps with heels no higher than 5 cm. Also for the street are appropriate boots with stable heels without additional decorations.

Bijouterie and jewelry
Jewellery of a business woman should be discreet, small, but expensive. If this is jewelry, then choose products without bright stones of a simple shape. From expensive jewelry, earrings, pendants and rings made of platinum or white gold are suitable. A beautiful simple clock will also look good.

Of course, the wardrobe of a business woman does not provide a large selection of things and accessories. If you want to add some femininity to your look, you can use a scarf or stole for this, as well as a delicate fragrance that will emphasize your individuality.
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