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Scenario: how to spend a bachelorette party?


A bachelorette party is a great opportunity for a bride not only to say goodbye to a free single life, but also to get advice from more experienced friends. And it is necessary to spend a bachelorette party in such a way that later it would not be painfully insulting for the wasted opportunity to have fun with all your heart.

If a wedding is a celebration that marks the birth of a new "cell of society", then a bachelorette party is a unique opportunity to say goodbye to a "free" life with dignity. And you need to spend it in such a way that later it would not be painfully insulting for the mediocre time spent.

Organizational issues usually fall on the shoulders of faithful bridesmaids. It is they who should think over the scenario: "How to hold a bachelorette party", sign and send out invitations, or call all the people whom the bride wants to see at the bachelorette party. Traditionally, a bachelorette party is held in a purely female company, but progressive brides often invite their grooms and male friends.

In order to write a script for a bachelorette party, you need to decide on the general direction of the party. A bachelorette party can be held in a romantic setting, and then evening dresses, balloon decorations, champagne and candles will be appropriate. And you can spend a bachelorette party in an "extreme" setting, for example, getting out into the nearest forest, or into the caves. And then all guests should put on comfortable hiking clothes.

Scenario of a bachelorette party in a romantic setting

A romantic-style bachelorette party is a great opportunity to showcase bold outfits and original makeup. Champagne, sweets, light snacks, an abundance of candles and balloons, as well as posters with original inscriptions – all this will create a romantic entourage.

To maintain fun, you need to think in advance what competitions guests will have fun with. Romance is a great topic for a variety of contests, and a touch of frivolity will only spur fun.

Contest "Dress handsome"

For this competition, it is necessary to prepare a large poster with the image of a naked man and men’s thong panties according to the number of party guests. Players take turns being blindfolded and given a thong and a pair of buttons. The player’s task is to fix the thong on the poster as close as possible to the bikini area. In fact, thongs can be anywhere. If the guests of the party are of different sexes, then the girls can “put on" the handsome thong, and the stronger sex can be offered to “tie” him a tie.

Competition "About it …"

For this contest, you need to prepare strips of paper on which you first need to write down questions on the topic of the first sexual experience. The question strips should be rolled up and placed in a bag or box. Party guests will have to take turns taking out the strip and answering the question. For example: "Where did you first have sex?", "Was defloration painful?" etc. The prize is awarded for the most frank, or for the most ridiculous answer.

Scenario of a bachelorette party in an "extreme" setting

If a decision is made to invite the stronger sex to a bachelorette party, it makes sense to get out into nature. Fresh air, green foliage, a change of scenery, remoteness from civilization – all this will make the simplest sandwiches a delicious delicacy, and the crackling of logs in a fire – bewitching music. On the edge of the forest or by the river, you can hold many different contests and games or arrange competitions.

A walk to the nearest zoo can be no less interesting. A bachelorette party for the bride is almost the last opportunity to feel like a direct child, able to laugh carelessly at the antics of monkeys.

If the time for the bachelorette party fell in the winter, and nature pleased with heavy snowfall, you can arrange a real “snow fight” with the construction of protective walls or an ice slide. No less exciting will be the competition of "snowwomen". And do not think that such fun is not for adults: after five minutes, the husk of "adulthood" will disappear, and the child hidden in the soul of each of us will break free with pleasure.

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