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Signs for the bride


Exciting pre-wedding chores often cause various doubts, anxieties, a change in the mood of the bride, so you often have to turn to a lot of pre-wedding signs so as not to spoil your holiday in any way.

There are a lot of signs, they can be of a general nature, aimed at the bride and groom or related to parents and friends, but the most important and interesting are those related to the hero of the occasion – the bride. Traditions and signs will be observed only when the young themselves believe in them and realize them.

Before wedding

– The bride’s shoes are one of the main items of the wedding dress. You can not buy sandals and shoes with open parts – a toe or a heel – this means that happiness will go away, and money will flow away, which leads to poverty.

– A white dress is an indicator of purity, innocence, a sign that you want to start life in a new way.

– The bride should not replace the groom’s tie with a bow tie if you do not want to get a husband leading a wild lifestyle.

– Find a lovage plant and sew its leaf into the dress, then the husband will never stop loving you.

– The train of the dress speaks of the duration of married life, therefore, the longer it is, the longer you will live together.

– If the bride and groom live before the wedding, then it is better to spend the pre-wedding night apart.

– An odd date is ideal for a wedding celebration.

– Make the fitting of a wedding dress incomplete, for example, stay without one glove or shoe.

– In order for the cup of happiness to be full, the bride must finally cry well.

For a wedding

– When entering a new apartment or house, a kitten should be launched, and then the groom can carry the bride in his arms.

– The young should not be in a hurry to go into the room first – this is not very good, she should follow her husband, since he is the main earner and protector of the family hearth. Please note that this is only acceptable for couples who did not live together prior to the event.

– The precaution will be to protect the young family from various evil eyes, for this the bride, leaving the house, must cover her face with a veil.

– Rain or snow on the wedding day is a good sign, water will help wash away all the troubles.

– The full moon accompanies abundance, replenishment of family finances, and the waning moon takes away all hardships and possible misfortunes.

– Adhering to the old custom, the bride should wear an old or someone else’s thing for the ceremony, except for underwear, veils, gloves; add a blue color (ribbon or thread) to your outfit as a sign of fidelity, and family life will pass without change.

– So that your life does not limp, do not twist your leg and do not break the heel.

– Pay attention to your palms while painting: the right one itches – they will celebrate holidays noisily in the house, the left one – to wealth.

– Do not drop wedding rings – this will lead to divorce or loss of a loved one.

Signs for the bride

A wedding is an important and responsible step, and only you determine what you should focus on, what traditions to follow, and what signs for the bride will be performed to fulfill your cherished desires!
Wedding, Wedding ceremony – one of the family rituals that formalizes marriage. Its social significance comes down to creating a new family for the purpose of procreation, establishing kinship, changing the family and age status and publicly recognizing the status of the spouses. It belongs to the most complex organized rituals. It combines linguistic, folklore-poetic, ritual, musical, visual and other plans.

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