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Smart shopping: how to buy everything you need and not go broke at the same time


For many women, shopping is not so much about buying the necessary things, but about entertainment, a cure for depression, and a pleasant walk through the mall. However, in order for the time after shopping to be as pleasant as the process itself, you need to make purchases wisely, otherwise, when you come home, you risk finding that you left all the funds in the store, and there is still a week and a half before payday.

Make lists of necessary purchases. Moreover, it is advisable to do this not immediately before going out, but the day before, because during breakfast you may find that you have suddenly run out of cheese. If you’re shopping to update your wardrobe, a list is also a must. Divide the sheet into three parts. In the first column, write down the necessary things, in the second – those that you have long and strongly wanted to buy, in the third – things that you would not mind buying. And remember that buying winter boots when the sole has come off on the old ones is much more important than a blouse, which for the second month does not allow you to calmly walk past the window.

Do not rush to buy, compare prices. In a neighboring department, a similar blouse can cost an order of magnitude cheaper, and in a store opposite they can sell butter at a discount. If time permits, do not be too lazy to ask about the neighboring assortment and prices.

When buying clothes, immediately think about what you will wear them with. Mentally go through your wardrobe and imagine successful sets. If you have nothing to wear a thing with, either refuse to buy, or immediately buy a thing in a set for your first purchase. In addition, to introduce some things into your wardrobe, you do not need to spend much money. If you bought a bright scarlet bag that doesn’t match any of your raincoats, but you really like it, just buy a scarlet scarf. The same goes for products. When you’re at the store, think about what dish you’re planning to cook instead of putting food in the fridge until it goes bad.

Many large retail chains have websites that display goods offered to customers. Before shopping, visit the websites of the shopping centers you are interested in, check out the models and prices for them. If you like something, you can call the store and check if the color and size you need is available. This approach will save a lot of time and make shopping enjoyable and productive.

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