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Shopping in Turkey


On the territory of Turkey, huge bazaars were noisy five thousand years ago. The famous Turkish shopping begins with stalls on the roads and ends with boutiques of world brands. But to understand this country, you need to plunge into the world of Turkish bazaars.

Trading in Turkey has a national oriental flavor – the harder you bargain, the more you will be respected by the seller. Therefore, do not miss the chance to deliver a lot of positive emotions to each other.

Antalya has a free trade zone where you can shop duty-free. It accepts money and checks from all over the world. Such shopping is available only for foreigners, to get there, you need to present a passport.

The most purchased goods in Turkey are gold and leather goods. Turkish carpets are very popular. They are silk, woolen, small and huge, woven, woven, with a variety of patterns.

Ceramic products of Turkish production have long enjoyed world fame. All kinds of cups, plates, vases, decorated with multi-colored patterns, are in great demand among tourists.

All your friends and relatives will be happy to receive traditional Turkish robes, hookahs, or embroidered tablecloths as a gift.

Do not forget to look into the shop with oriental sweets – candied fruits, honey nuts, various exotic jams, marzipans, baklava of all varieties and Turkish delight will be a wonderful gift. There, in the store, you will pack the selected sweets in vacuum packaging so that you can bring them to your home safe and sound.

Be sure to buy fruit or berry tea for sweets. All kinds of tea blends are sold by weight, you can take a lot of different varieties “for testing".

Before shopping in Turkey, find out the days and opening hours of the bazaars you need. In the East, each market has certain trading days, when all traders work and prices are the lowest.

A few caveats:

– try not to change money at the market changers or directly from the seller of the selected product – the rate will be extremely unprofitable;

– be vigilant, because a tourist who is keen on shopping is an easy prey for thieves and scammers.

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