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While these signs will help you identify that you are being lied to, never ignore your sixth sense and intuition.

As we all know very well, relationships are never perfect and sometimes they can be quite difficult, but we often try to ignore what is really going on and look for reasons why our relationships ended. When we finally admit that something is wrong, the problem is already out of control due to a long period of lack of connection or closeness between loved ones. It’s easy enough to know if you’re being betrayed by paying attention to certain tips and behaviors – but they shouldn’t be taken as absolute proof. Instead, we want to share some of these signs with you, as they can point to relationship problems in the first place.
A few signs that something is wrong with your loved ones.
Suddenly, the second half begins to pay more attention to their appearance. In particular, if she begins to do something that she has never done before or did very rarely, for example: she visits the gym or salon more often, buy more expensive clothes, follow a diet.
It may not be a sign of infidelity, but it could be the start of something, or it could even mean that the other half wants to tell you about this person in case someone else sees them talking or spending time together, and they don’t want you to suspect that something is going on. This also applies to those moments when you notice them talking on the phone, when you suddenly come home or accidentally meet them somewhere together.
Be careful with your phone!
Our phones are a goldmine for unraveling mysteries because they store call history, voice mail, text messages and more. You should be concerned if loved ones answer the phone in a strange way or in a muffled voice, leave the room to take a call, lie about who they were talking to, make up reasons for the phone call, immediately delete the call log and old messages – especially if they never have done this before.
Pay attention to perfume or cologne!
If they come home with someone else’s scent, and when you ask, they have a thousand excuses: "No, the clerk at the mall wanted to try out the new scent! My friends played a joke on me! I was seeing an old friend who loves perfume!" It’s just a few excuses – you’d better not ask at all, because they will probably come up with even more excuses.
Makeup on clothes.
Be careful if you find clothes with traces of makeup in the basket, in particular powder, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, etc.
How is your sex life?
Infidelity tends to reduce the frequency of sex. This may happen slowly, but gradually there will be less and less sex, and your partner’s infatuation with another person will continue and intensify.
Fake travels, imaginary hours.
Writing about trips that never happen, or stating that they have to work late because a friend is sick can be signs of infidelity. Remember that this doesn’t always have to be at night – more often during lunch breaks or in the afternoon.
The second half begins to give you unexpected gifts, expensive jewelry, flowers, or something else that matters to you – and all this from the heart? Very often this is due to the guilt they want to alleviate by giving you things – especially pay attention to this if they have not had such habits before or if it happens by chance, at an unexpected time and day.

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