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7 erotic New Year costumes


The use of sex toys, fetishes in role-playing games allows you to add variety to the relationship. The psychology of a man is so arranged that he wants to see a woman next to him who is constantly changing. By buying or sewing yourself an erotic costume for New Year’s Eve, you can give your man an unforgettable experience, he will feel like a real hunter who conquered a beautiful stranger.

In the first place among erotic costumes for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve is Santa’s costume. There are a lot of modifications. It can also be a tight red velvet dress with a downy trim along a deep neckline, on the sleeves and hem. Another option is more frank – a translucent shirt with a string with panties. If the first option will do for a noisy party, then the second option is designed for a boudoir.

The Little Red Riding Hood costume gives its owner both childish naivety and sex appeal. Traditionally, it consists of a white loose shirt with wide sleeves pulled up at the wrists, a red corset, a bolero cape with a hood and a puffy short skirt. Long red boots and white or red stockings are perfect for this costume. Well, to complete the image, you need to pick up a basket.

Caramel costume. Remember the caramel with the red and white cane-shaped spirals? The costume may consist of a velor or velvet dress with oblique red and white stripes, red or white stockings with contrasting elastic, or a brightly colored garter and shoes. In addition, you should stock up on these very caramels and treat everyone at the party.

Snowman costume. A fitted white dress with a bodice with silicone straps, a fluffy mid-thigh skirt, three black buttons in a row, a funny black hat and a tartan scarf. A pair of black satin knee high gloves will be a welcome accompaniment to this ensemble. It turns out a cute fluffy creature that you want to touch, stroke and warm.

Bunny costume from the Music Hall for very brave ladies. It consists of a black bodysuit with a strapless bodice (although silicone straps can be used for convenience), white cuffs, and a white collar with a bow tie. We must not forget about the ears. White stockings and black or white high-heeled platform shoes will match this costume. You can complement the image by drawing or gluing a shiny black nose.

Pirate costume. Looks very sexy. From above, a blouse with a wide neckline and puffy sleeves, a short black leather dress with a bodice with white lacing, and from below, a puffy skirt made of rough leather and white satin or organza. There must be a cocked hat, high leather boots with fine lacing.

Suit "Hands up". Of course, male fantasies never get around the image of a strict police lady who caught an escaped criminal. Black short dress with a plunging neckline that covers the tie, matching stockings fastened to the waist, holster, handcuffs at the waist, leather gloves and boots. And of course, where without a real police cap?

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