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Source: “Rihanna is terrified of becoming unpopular”


It seems that everything is fine in Rihanna’s life: the singer is actively touring, relaxing in resorts with her friends, filming for commercials, presenting new collections and making good money.

Meanwhile, sources close to the singer claim that the star is now in a “threatening" psychological state. It is said that she suffers from super-suspicion and even consults with a Buddhist soothsayer. Rihanna’s concern was her popularity, and the feelings and fears associated with it:

Now she is exhausted and feels alone. She is very afraid that fans may turn away from her, she is afraid of losing her fame. She not only regularly visits a psychotherapist, but lately she often turns to fortune-tellers and fortune tellers. Moreover, under their influence, she sees signs and symbols in ordinary things.

According to insiders, the only "lifeline" of the singer now is the model Cara Delvin, with whom they recently had fun on the French Riviera. It is she who listens to her friend, gives valuable advice and helps to survive difficult moments:

Well, let’s hope that Cara Delvin will help Rihanna overcome her fears – if, of course, they exist at all.

Source: "Rihanna is terrified of becoming unpopular"

Rihanna and Cara Delvin at the club…

Source: "Rihanna is terrified of becoming unpopular"

… and while relaxing on the French Riviera

Source: "Rihanna is terrified of becoming unpopular"

Kara Delvin

Source: "Rihanna is terrified of becoming unpopular"


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