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Sexologists have come to the conclusion that sex is essential for every person. It makes it possible to live happily and fully, and even for a long time. Sex can replace a sleeping pill or painkiller, as well as physical exercises that keep any human body in shape. Now a little more about the magical properties of sex.

Sex replaces sleeping pills

Evening sex will replace a sleeping pill for someone who suffers from insomnia. Why? Yes, because having sex provides a state of peace, relieving overstrain from family and work problems. Sex is able to overcome stress. It gives a feeling of satisfaction, and, therefore, security. Therefore, sex is very useful before going to bed. After an orgasm, a person has almost no reason to be nervous for a while.

Morning sex replaces exercise and not only. It wakes us up, increases muscle tone, shakes us up. Moreover, sex in the morning cheers up, charges us with energy and vivacity for the whole day.

Oxytocin, released during orgasm, helps to take on any intellectual tasks faster. It is able to stimulate logical and creative thinking. By the way, sex is much more effective than any chemical dope. 

Sex replaces painkillers

Sex as a painkiller: The hormones of joy (endorphins) produced during orgasm are able to withstand pain. So try to have sex before swallowing an analgin tablet.

Sex in general is a great tonic and rejuvenator. The human hormonal system needs sex like a fish in water. The risk of stroke is reduced because blood circulation improves and our cardiovascular system says “thank you" to us. No need to buy expensive drugs – just have sex – and you will always be young.

Sex increases self-esteem

To all of the above I will add: sex increases self-esteem, supports the immune system, improves the structure of nails, hair and skin. There are special oriental sex recipes that help cure the pancreas, liver, kidneys, high blood pressure, nervous system disorders, menstrual and headaches, and many other diseases. So have sex as often as possible and be healthy!

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