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Spring is red with deeds: we update the wardrobe


Seasonal changes entail a change of wardrobe. This is typical for any time of the year, but it is especially pronounced with the onset of spring. After all, after a gray winter, you really want a colorful summer. However, there is a slight psychological difficulty here. Because of the rush to change into elegant summer dresses, many people forget about the purposeful choice and purchase of off-season, spring items. And vice versa, with the onset of autumn, preparations for winter are already taking place at the subconscious level, and fashionable autumn trends are often simply forgotten.

A targeted selection of spring or autumn clothing sets the mood for summer or winter in the future, respectively. Moreover, when choosing a spring wardrobe, there is such a problem as its similarity or complete coincidence with the autumn version of clothing. But in the spring you really want updates! Accordingly, wearing autumn clothes at this time is unacceptable. What are the options? You can create new combinations, bring a note of freshness with the help of accessories.

In the spring, you should not suddenly switch to too bright, clearly summer colors. For this period, restrained shades of pastel colors are more suitable. And if you take into account the constant transitions of colors from one fashion season to another, this is not so difficult to do. For example, you can take a bright fuchsia blouse, but smooth it out with a gray flannel suit, the cropped sleeve of which will add extra elegance. On the one hand, such a suit will be appropriate for any business meeting during ordinary working days, on the other hand, this brightest blouse will bring freshness and spring mood. This approach to changing the wardrobe is the most practical, simple and effective.

Every spring you want to freshen up your business suit, bring a note of a kind of emancipation and spring release from winter shackles, but at the same time not go beyond what is permitted, maintain a strict style and business look. Accessories will bring individuality and spring charm. The main requirement is that they should match the blouse. Its trendy colors combined with accessories will allow you to keep up with the latest fashion trends, while not shocking the boss and staying within the allowed dress code. In addition, long gloves are back in fashion this spring: it doesn’t matter whether they are fabric or leather. They bring some zest, diluting the business style of an office suit. This spring, mini and midi skirts are back in fashion. Its length can be shortened somewhat, which is not reprehensible. In addition, the high waist on blouses, which has long been firmly established in fashion, remains relevant for a long time. She, preferably from summer lightweight fabrics, can be worn under a business suit. It will give the image a spring, fresh look. Another option is to wear such a blouse with trousers or a belted skirt with a slightly high waist. This will visually change, and, therefore, update the silhouette.

In winter, knitwear was also in the lead among fashion trends. This spring, leading designers are trying to abandon it, but do not immediately put away knitted blouses on the far shelves of the closet. In changeable spring weather, they will look very relevant. The same notorious jewelry will help to give novelty to knitwear. It is better to choose jewelry large and simple. They are best suited to the texture of knitwear, especially coarse.

However, such large decorations can diversify not only knitwear. Massive beads and bracelets are also ideal for jackets in the style of the sixties, which firmly hold their positions in the fashion world.
Directly for a business suit, similar bracelets are suitable, but made of natural materials that are distinguished by warm tones. Wood or horn can be considered ideal materials. The color of silver metal will also be organically combined with a business suit.

Whatever style and whatever direction in fashion is chosen, the spring wardrobe must be chosen purposefully. After all, it is through clothing that you can really feel the onset of spring. Such a wardrobe will help you achieve new goals and get good results. And, of course, external renewal precedes internal renewal, it is a harbinger of new feelings, acquaintances, love.

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