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Angelina Jolie needs an urgent liver transplant?


Is Angelina Jolie seriously ill?

Sensational statements have appeared in the press related to the state of health of Angelina Jolie. According to this information, the actress is seriously ill and urgently needs a liver transplant.

In mid-September, Jolie came on an official visit to Turkey. Angie’s visit was part of her peacekeeping mission as UN Refugee Ambassador. However, now the Turkish media have published new details of Jolie’s visit.

According to local publications (for example, the Posta newspaper), Angelina secretly met with the famous surgeon Yaman Tokat at one of the hotels and discussed the possibility of a liver transplant with him. This forced measure is due to the fact that the actress was diagnosed with hepatitis C, which caused liver damage. After looking at the results of the tests of the star, the doctor noted that a transplant is simply necessary.

Whether there is reason to believe this information is still unknown, but now the whole world is worried about her beloved actress, who, along with her husband Brad Pitt, is raising six children. We hope that the situation will be resolved safely!

Angelina Jolie needs an urgent liver transplant?

Angelina Jolie didn’t look upset in Turkey

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