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The most beautiful blondes in the world


Every woman is beautiful in her own way – and this is an indisputable fact, but still there are stars that remain in the hearts of men for a long time, while exciting their imagination and consciousness. In addition, if a woman is blonde, then there is no doubt that she will be remembered for a long time.

In the first place is the Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe. Her image of a fair-haired and frivolous girl, which was created by Jean Baker, has become an example for many generations of women to follow. It is not surprising that it is Monroe who tops the list of the most beautiful blondes in the world.

Second place went to Monroe’s contemporary, also a famous Hollywood actress, Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly. It was this woman who made the dream of thousands of girls come true – to marry a real prince. Unfortunately, it was this marriage that forced Grace Kelly to leave her acting career forever, but gave the world a large and beautiful offspring of the family of the monarchs of the Principality of Monaco.

The third position is occupied by the legendary French actress Brigitte Bardot. Most of the fair sex, a small gap makes them embarrassed and hide, but Bridget was able to make a lovely highlight out of this minor flaw, as soon as the film “And God Created Woman", directed by Roger Vadim, appeared on television. Bardo in this film played a major role. Since then, plump lips, the same chink and lush hairstyle have come into fashion.

Among the most beautiful blondes in the world, the fourth place goes to actress Cameron Diaz. According to many envious women, she has many shortcomings, such as a flat chest, disgusting skin, and what else she snores … Well, these are the opinions of envious people. There’s nothing you can do about it. And there really is something to envy: Diaz has long legs, a stunning figure, beautiful eyes, but most importantly, Cameron Diaz is a natural blonde, and one of the most beautiful.

On the fifth line is Holly Willoughby. She attracts attention not only with her beautiful appearance, but also with rather extravagant antics. For example, it costs absolutely nothing for her to declare to the public that at the moment she is not wearing underwear or in general that she never wears it. She also repeatedly stated that before any important event, she breaks in her shoes only during sexual pleasures. But now this does not surprise anyone.

Marilyn has not been with us for 50 years, but in this ranking she again and again takes first place, leaving behind many of today’s blond beauties, such as Cameron Diaz or Holly Willoughby.

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