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Unfortunately, such a concept as “treason” is extremely common in family relationships. What is it? For some people, this is sexual intercourse done "on the side", for others it is just a meeting or interest in another person as a lover.

Both men and women change.

It is not worth mentioning the corrupted modern world, but such situations do occur, and you need to get out of them or not allow them. First of all, betrayal is a search for something better in a stranger, unlike a spouse.

There are no ideal people. All have pluses and minuses. But in order to prevent such a situation, it is necessary to find cons in yourself (it is advisable to ask in a calm conversation with your spouse) and try to eradicate them. Most often, visual defects are corrected. The second type of betrayal most often comes from the fact that a person himself does not know what he wants. This is not fixable.

But, in the end, the person who has changed in this way is left with nothing. As the saying goes: "If you chase two hares, you won’t catch one." There is another type of betrayal when a person does not control his desires. It’s more of a mental illness than a psychological problem. But this also happens in life. Some couples and marriages recognize cheating as entertainment and do not attach much importance to it.

In fact, such "free" relationships kill the sense of ownership, which entails the rapid destruction of any kind of relationship. Thank you for your attention, do not change your loved ones!

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