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Sex is an integral part of the full life of any couple, regardless of the gender and age of the beloved. Unfortunately, over time, relationships cool off, and the fire of passion gradually fades. In the past, insatiable partners gradually get used to this state of affairs and, in the end, stop leading an intimate life. This is fundamentally wrong! The benefits of sex have long been proven scientifically. But his absence results in very unpleasant consequences.

Why is intimacy necessary?

It is important to understand that sex is not only physical sensations. More importantly, intimacy in an intimate sense has an impact on the level of human psychology. So, during mating games, partners develop trust, affection, sincerity and devotion to each other. In addition, this is an opportunity to experience new emotions. Of course, if you have some doubts about the benefits of anal sex, or you are simply not yet ready for such experiments, then you should not step over yourself. In this case, instead of positive emotions, you can experience awkwardness and discomfort. But role-playing games or the practice of intimate massages is what you need. 


Younger lying in bed

Scottish explorers delight us again. This time, scientists say that regular sex is the real elixir of youth! Interestingly, the results of the study showed that weekly sexual intercourse makes a person younger by an average of 10-12 years. While the "inactive" peers of passionate lovers are covered with premature wrinkles, testosterone and estrogen are released in the body of sexual partners. It is they who bestow, albeit not eternal, but a long youth. 

Live simulator 

Didn’t have time for fitness or just too lazy to go to the gym again after work? – do not bother and run rather to your beloved home. Good active sex can easily replace any workout. Such a personal life will make your figure fit and help you easily lose excess calories. But remember: both the benefits and harms of sex, as in sports, depend on training and on the correct distribution of loads. Therefore, know the measure of your capabilities and do not overdo it with approaches. Sometimes, passion, accompanied by an adrenaline rush, can provoke an attempt to set unattainable records. Do not rush: do "sports" for joy. 

Prevention of heart disease

Doctors-scientists do not cease to recommend sex as a preventive measure against many diseases, including the cardiovascular system. To avoid attacks, doctors recommend indulging in intimate caresses at least twice a week. Better yet, alternate walks in the fresh air and evening sex before bedtime. It’s not like you’re being called for extreme intercourse on city streets. But after, we can say, in a cozy home environment – that’s it!

From hysterics and neuroses

There is a saying among the people: "if a woman screams at night, then she is silent during the day." Sex is not just a great cure for depression, neuroses and breakdowns. An active sex life of spouses is the key to a happy family in which there is no place for scandals and tantrums.

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