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We spend money: typical mistakes


The ability to properly budget is truly an art. A huge amount of information is devoted to this, but people again and again stumble upon the same rake.

Spending money correctly and systematically is as difficult as, for example, dieting. Most people, inspired by specialized literature and savvy about proper budgeting, embark on the path to saving and rationally using their finances with passion. However, when the first impulse fades, and the inscription “50% Discount" catches your eye on the store window, a black veil closes your eyes and many rush into the abyss of spending, just like a cream cake after a week of sitting on a raw carrot.

There are several basic mistakes in budgeting and, accordingly, our spending in general.

1 Don’t get emotional. If you really want to avoid spending too much, be collected and cold like a Japanese samurai. Before you make a purchase, especially a relatively expensive one, think a hundred times whether you really need this thing. For example, if you want an expensive food processor, consider how much time you generally spend in the kitchen.

2 Prioritize. Unfortunately, most of us cannot embrace the immensity and buy everything we want at once. Each person has his own "fad" on which it is not a pity to spend money. Someone dreams of an expensive car, a fur coat, traveling. Think about what is important to you. If you want to go on vacation to the country of your dreams, start saving for a trip a few months in advance and strictly stick to your goal. The next time you want a new phone model, instead of your still working device, think that you are actually sacrificing your potential vacation.

3 Do not fall for advertising. How many useless purchases we make under the influence of promotions, imaginary sales and other tricks. A large package is more profitable than two small ones, when buying one, the second is cheaper, and so on and so forth. Do you really need a second pack of a product that can expire faster than you use it?

Spending money correctly and wisely is actually a new way of life, a new system that you will try to build. And only on your patience and perseverance in achieving your goals will depend on how successful the result will be.

What if the purpose of the relationship is something unconditional for which both the man and the woman could take responsibility? What if this is… the practice of love? Love is what is within us; something for which we are responsible in both good and bad times. Love allows us to focus on our own efforts and responsibilities, as well as to notice the advantages of our partner. Too many people focus on taking something from the relationship. But, for a harmonious relationship, you need to give, take responsibility for your happiness, and then “invest” it in others.

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