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How to bring back the passion


Now that you’ve been living together for several years, sex that happens several times a day, wherever possible, seems like something from the realm of fantasy. You are accustomed to each other, you know for sure that you will be there tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and in a week, so you don’t consider it necessary to waste your energy on constant flirting, and even more so bed physical feats. Or maybe you really want this, but you just don’t know how to achieve it?

Down with the monotony and the usual course of things. Your husband comes home from work tired, you meet him in a lace apron, put hot borscht on the table and quietly watch how he eats, resting his chin on his elbow? All this, of course, is nice and wonderful, but does not contribute to inciting passion from scratch. Surprise your man with something unusual. Choose a day when he is not very tired at work and meet him not in the guise of a housewife, but in a sophisticated Japanese kimono of a luxurious geisha, ready to serve her master all evening and fulfill his every whim. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to cook sushi, you can surprise your loved one with a festive piece of baked pork or his favorite fried potatoes, which you forbid in ordinary life due to excess calories.

It will not be superfluous to pay attention to your own appearance. Many women are sincerely surprised that their husbands have cooled off towards them, but it does not occur to them that the reason for this is their familiar and somewhat worn out appearance. Curlers on the head, dirty hair and pajamas with teddy bears will not seem erotic to any man. Remember how you looked at the very beginning of your acquaintance and keep this image constantly before your eyes. Today, there are many options for beautiful, stylish and even sexy home clothes for housewives, allowing any lady to look her best, even if she is not working and taking care of three young children while doing housework.

Remember to speak tender words to each other, touch, hug and kiss as often as possible. Lovers cannot live an hour without touching the object of their desire or stealing a peck on the cheek. Here you are, if you want to dust off your romantic relationship, hug, hold hands, and maintain tactile contact in every possible way. Do not think that after five years of marriage, these little things lose their relevance. They do not lose anything, but rather the opposite. If your task is to return the former passion, you must act for sure, and there is simply no better way than gentle touches.

Arrange yourself a romantic trip. Just be alone somewhere, away from children, parents and obsessive friends seeking to steal your personal time. Nothing inflames passion like solitude and a new environment. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to travel to Goa or Indonesia, you can simply rent a hotel room and enjoy each other’s company until the morning.

Talk to each other, be frank and share your desires and experiences with your loved one. Together, any problem is much easier and faster to solve than alone. Never be afraid to let a new stream into your life. If there is something that does not suit you, you need to experiment and look for ways to get the right emotions and sensations.

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