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What equipment is required for beauty salons?


Many girls dream of financial independence and their own beauty salon. But it is worthwhile to understand that it will be possible to achieve success and have a large circle of regular customers only if there are professional employees, high-quality materials and modern equipment.

In order to create the image of a high-class beauty salon, to gain credibility among customers, which mechanically helps to attract new customers, it is recommended to pay special attention to the choice of equipment at the initial stage of developing a business plan. A competent approach to the choice of the necessary equipment, in the process of functioning of a beauty salon, will satisfy the various needs of any category of citizens.
The main criteria for choosing equipment

When planning to open a beauty salon, you should first decide on the class of your establishment, which will later help you figure out what audience it is aimed at. Accordingly, the list of necessary materials and equipment depends on the range of services provided.

But there are generally accepted rules that apply to all levels of beauty salons. Equipment for a beauty salon must be certified. The professional purpose of all devices and consumables is confirmed by the presence of:

• Passports.
• Certificate.
• Registration certificate.

In beauty salons, only equipment approved by the Ministry of Health is allowed to be used.

What you should pay attention to when choosing equipment:

The popularity of the manufacturer in the market for the services provided.

Ultra modernity in the technical side of the equipment.

The feasibility of the acquisition.

Salon specifics.

Convenience and ergonomics of objects.

Compliance with the stylistic design of the salon.

Base salon equipment

Today, one of the most affordable levels of beauty salons is the basic class, popularly referred to as a hairdresser. If you do not have experience in opening and promoting beauty salons, it is recommended that you make your debut in the industry directly from this type of salon classification.

Equipment needed to open a salon:

• Work chair with adjustment.
• Dressing table with a stand for inventory.
• Lamps.
• Bactericidal irradiator.
• Hairdressing sinks for washing the head.
• Water heater.
• Sterilizer.
• Sushuar.
• Containers for used towels.

In the modern market of beauty technologies, there is a wide range of manufacturers of equipment for beauty salons. When opening your own personal beauty salon, in the turmoil of business, you should find time and choose high-quality professional equipment. This will help not only to make a choice, but also significantly reduce financial waste.

Salon of medium and luxury class and equipment for it

The main difference between such a salon and the basic one lies in the range of services that can be provided by the specialists of the institution. Clients with a sufficient level of income will come to such a salon, but, accordingly, their requirements will be higher. In this case, the staff of the salon will need to be diversified by a beautician, makeup artist, manicure and pedicure master, massage therapist, etc.

To fully satisfy all the wishes of the client, it will be necessary to purchase the following equipment:

• Hairdresser’s chair.
• Specialized hair washing chair.
• Massage couch.
• Sterilizer.
• Additional lighting.
• Sushuar.
• The couch is cosmetic.
• Cosmetic combine.
• Armchair for cosmetic procedures for foot care.
• Devices for manicure works.
• Manicure nail bar.
• Auxiliary furniture for storing tools and materials.

The luxury beauty salon provides the largest range of skin and hair care services. Accordingly, the entire list of equipment is expanded with additional options that ensure their implementation. These can be special capsules for spa procedures or solarium cabins, as well as much more.

It is worth noting that in such salons the equipment must correspond to the level of the institution and harmoniously fit into the design interior.
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