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Who do convinced bachelors marry?


Usually, by the age of 30-35, most men have a life partner. A group of representatives of the stronger sex always remains aloof, who for a long time guard their independence from family ties. But one day there is the one that breaks the established bachelor life. Who are they, these beautiful ladies whom convinced bachelors marry?

A bachelor might think something like this: “What good is a family? Home, delicious food, caring female hands, sex, children. All this can be obtained outside of marriage without unnecessary obligations. Some members of the "clan" of bachelors are so accustomed to a familyless life, daily favorite rituals and freedom of movement that it is a big stress for them to change their lives drastically.

However, the desire to create a family hearth and procreate is inherent in every person genetically. And a man by nature is the protector and breadwinner of the family. A bachelor can convince himself as much as he wants that everything is going great. However, he will not escape the unconscious feeling “life is passing by".

What kind of wife will an inveterate bachelor choose? It largely depends on his lifestyle. Walked up "Don Juan" is fed up with female attention. What goes into his hands ceases to arouse his interest. Therefore, a beauty who shows coldness towards him (she will have to be won!), Has more chances to become his wife.

A careerist will one day want home warmth, so that someone will be waiting for him at home. Most likely, he will choose as his wife a sweet housewife with a calm character, able to listen to him after a hard day’s work.

A domineering mother can persuade a sissy to marry, and it is she who will influence the choice of her daughter-in-law. And she will try to find a girl who will fit perfectly into her husband’s family, will have worldly ingenuity and female wisdom. And, of course, beauty and health – after all, the grandmother was waiting for her grandchildren.

It happens that a business status forces a bachelor to marry. Depending on the goals, he will find a good mother for his future children without much ambition. Or he wants to have a spectacular and intelligent lady nearby in order to attend social events together and not blush in front of business partners.

Enthusiastic thinkers, scientists need a sensitive life companion. She will be his first and best listener or spectator, learn to listen to his speeches and skillfully insert weighty remarks. At the same time, it should be invisibly present everywhere, because the “giant of thought” is absolutely helpless in everyday life.

Many quiet beans are potentially excellent husbands, and they become convinced bachelors to justify their inaction and timidity. Such a man usually does not choose his wife – she finds him herself. Breaks into his life, cleans up in his bachelor’s kennel, prepares borscht and – leads by the hand to the registry office. Or everything is arranged in such a way that it seems to the former bean that he himself made this decision.

No matter how the representatives of the stronger sex “stayed too long in the suitors” differ from each other, one thing can unite them. They find the strength in themselves to one day commit an act – to break the usual order and put the coveted stamp in the passport.

Is it possible to draw a collective image of the wife of a former old bachelor? She is often younger than her husband. There is some mystery in it – after all, for some reason, it was finally singled out from among the others!

She has worldly wisdom, pleasant appearance and easy character. Finally, often this lady is quite wealthy. It is important for a bachelor (who has resisted marriage for so long!) to know that they are not marrying him because of mercenary interests.

You can talk as much as you like about the types of bachelors and their future wives. But one day, one may appear that does not fit into any conditional framework of "a woman-potential wife of a convinced bachelor." Just one fine day, a lonely man will find his lost soul mate in an ordinary-looking girl.

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