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How to get a girl a job in the police


Many boys in childhood dream of serving the Motherland – either as soldiers or as policemen. But there are also girls who, already at a conscious age, decide to devote themselves to law enforcement. But how can a woman get a job as a police officer?

The police is a structure that requires employees of various specialties. And some positions, for example, those related to document management, accounting or public relations, are traditionally occupied by female employees. For employment in these positions, you do not need special education at an educational institution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a diploma from a civil university or college will be enough, and work experience is also desirable.

Another thing is if a girl wants to take part directly in law enforcement. For this, it is best to get training at the academy or institute of the Ministry of the Interior. These schools are found in all major cities. Training in them is carried out in various specialties, mainly in jurisprudence, forensic science and forensic science.

After receiving a diploma, the girl will need to show that she is physically capable of such hard work. To do this, she will need to go through the district military medical commission at the place of residence.

If a woman is recognized as fit, she can apply with supporting documents to the personnel department at the police department of her city. In the police, as in any large structure, new employees are constantly required. Of course, women are usually required less than men, but among them there is less professional competition in employment, because there are not so many girls who want to work as a policeman.

Employment will take into account not only the level of education and work experience, but also the so-called "personal data". Neither the girl herself nor her immediate family should have a criminal record or other serious problems with the law. For such a check, a candidate for a position fills out a detailed questionnaire, the information from which is then checked against special databases of the internal affairs bodies.

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