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13 facts only known to those with large breasts


"First of all, it’s beautiful," but not only…

Babies at the sight of you fall into a stupor and involuntarily reach for you. Adult men, however, too.

You are amazed by your friends who buy a bra without trying it on. They are crazy? No, they just have a C-cup size.

When you go to the underwear department in the store, the saleswomen shrug and get embarrassed. No, they don’t have size G. As in the next department, sorry.

The greatest joy in life is taking off your bra at the end of the day and lying down.

There is no way to look good in a turtleneck, and you have seen it.

Even when you indulge in rough sex, you never throw your bra on the chandelier. Because the end of the world is coming.

You jump with delight when you find a beautiful bra in your size. With wide straps, yes! Beautiful! Then you see eight pairs of clasps on the strap behind the back. Eight. You sigh and refuse to buy. Life is too short for eight clasps.

Unfamiliar men and women always quietly (or not so) comment on the moment when you appear in their society. And you definitely don’t understand why.

You love strapless dresses, but you will never wear them, because the bra will be visible. “Hey, but you can wear a strapless bra” – if your partner says this even once, it will be the last thing you hear from him.

Men on dates always look either at the chest or at the legs. Your category is those who look at the chest.

One fine sunny day, you find a sports bra that fits and really supports. You buy 12 of them.

Once you tried to measure the volume of the chest by the method of Archimedes, displacing water. It ended with nothing but one wet chest

You know about the pencil test. You can keep five of them.

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