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It is a very big misconception that sex during pregnancy should be put on the back burner. What for? Sex while waiting for a baby for many expectant mothers brings even more pleasure than usual. On the contrary, you can experiment a lot and try something new. Do not think that pregnant wives for husbands are becoming less attractive. Everyone knows that the most beautiful woman is during pregnancy. She has a special charm. Let’s try to understand the sex life of a woman in such an interesting position. 

It is easier to experience an orgasm during pregnancy. The fact is that the pelvic organs during pregnancy become more sensitive, because the blood flow there is now more intense than usual. Expecting a baby, women experience an orgasm stronger than ever. Some women generally get their first orgasm during pregnancy. The only disadvantage in this position is psychological. A woman thinks that she is not beautiful and does not want to undress once again in front of her husband. Some women, and even men, are afraid that by having sex they will harm their child.


In some cases, an orgasm can induce labor prematurely. This may happen closer to childbirth. For two or three weeks, it is desirable to stop sexual activity. When a woman is aroused, oxytocin, a hormone that is responsible for uterine contractions, begins to be released. An orgasm can provoke contractions and then there is a possibility of the onset of labor. The hormone prostaglandin contained in the semen of a man has the ability to help the cervix to open faster. If the date of the expected birth is still far away, then you can safely have sex. The expectant mother experiences pleasure, which is very good for the baby. The hormone of joy, endorphin, is released in huge quantities during sex.
It is advisable to give up sex toys for a while. There is nothing wrong with toys that stimulate the clitoris. But you need to forget about dildos, vibrators, vaginal balls and everything else that sticks into the vagina during pregnancy. During this period, the cervix is ​​preparing to let the baby through itself and becomes loose, so vibrators are absolutely contraindicated. Their use can provoke bleeding, especially since vibration can cause the onset of labor. It is better to wait a little with sexual games, so as not to make yourself worse.
Many parents are afraid that the baby feels like they are having sex. The child does not feel anything. It is protected by a thick wall of the muscular wall of the uterus, amniotic fluid, and a mucous plug. Do not think that the baby feels your movements, they are compensated by fluctuations in the amniotic fluid. Very often, immediately after an orgasm, expectant mothers hear the active movements of the child and this frightens them. There is nothing wrong with that, just at the moment of orgasm, a large amount of blood arrives in the mother’s pelvis and, accordingly, the baby receives a large portion of oxygen through the placenta. It’s very good for a child.

Oral sex is not prohibited. In the event that your husband has herpes on his lip, then it is better not to do this. Experts have confirmed that "labial" herpes can turn into genital, and it becomes a danger to your baby. If, after oral sex, the expectant mother develops genital herpes and cannot be cured, then there is a threat of infecting the baby with it during the passage through the mother’s birth canal. As a rule, herpes in pregnant women happens quite often, because the reason for its appearance is a decrease in immunity, which is very common for pregnant women.

You can practice anal sex, but doctors do not recommend it. It’s up to you to decide. If a woman does not have hemorrhoids, which can then become inflamed and bleed, then it is possible. If a woman has such a problem, then it is better to postpone such caresses for later. A huge plus is that the tissues in the anus become more elastic, which gives a pleasant sensation, and reduces pain. Having anal sex, there is a risk that the intestinal flora will enter the vagina. To avoid this, you need to use a condom and lubricants. If a man wants to enter the vagina, the condom must be removed. Using this method of protection, it will be calmer that everything will be fine.
Pregnancy is the best period of a woman’s life when she can experiment in every possible way with poses.
A woman can have sex in whatever position is comfortable for her, as long as there is no pressure on her stomach. A woman is recommended to dominate in bed without fanaticism, do not overload yourself too much.
Many women claim that when they were expecting a child, their sexual desire became stronger, and by this they pleasantly pleased their husbands. Some ladies, on the contrary, complain that sex is unpleasant for them. You need to understand that a decrease in sexual desire is only a psychological problem, provoked by great physical fatigue or worries (for a child, childbirth, husband, etc.). Here a man should help a woman, support her, understand and give her the opportunity to relax. There are times when a man does not want a woman, saying that she has become ugly, unattractive, etc. In this case, it is necessary to go to a psychologist, such a position of a man speaks of a misunderstanding and incompatibility of this couple. In the future, such relationships will become much worse or even stop, and soon a child will be born. This issue must be resolved immediately.
If necessary, lubricants can be used during sex, they will definitely not bring harm to the child.
Let’s list when you can not have sex:

  • Infection of the genital tract in one of the partners;
  • there is a threat of miscarriage;
  • having two or more miscarriages in the past;
  • water leakage;
  • placenta previa or low attachment;
  • multiple pregnancy;
  • bleeding.

If you have any of the above, do not be upset. In any case, you can use other methods: petting, manual stimulation, incomplete penetration, petting with the breast (it becomes very sensitive), etc.
The most important thing to remember is that sex is the basis of married life. Who would not mind, and the quality of family relationships depends on the sexual life of the spouses. No need to change your usual sex life because of pregnancy. Sex during pregnancy is of great importance at such an important period in a couple’s life. Husband and wife study each other in a new way, become more attached and take a closer look. For any couple, expecting a baby is a huge test. Make it more enjoyable with sex. A woman during this period is very different, her mood changes every minute, hormones are to blame. A man is simply obliged to understand this and not to reproach a woman.

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