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Masturbation has always been accompanied by many taboos, the number of which has been steadily decreasing only in the last decade. Currently, this hobby is no longer considered something reprehensible, because leading sexologists have recognized the benefits of masturbation – it increases female and male sexuality, allows you to know your own body, strengthens love muscles. And now a completely different problem comes to the fore: how to learn to masturbate and do it right?

How to masturbate properly

In this article we will talk about the features of female masturbation, but before you start mastering its basics, you must get rid of the discomfort and guilt that often visit self-satisfying ladies due to the rejection of such an “occupation" that dominates our culture. Of course, this is all nonsense, you are not doing anything wrong, so treat "self-love" as "self-development". Masturbation will not only not weaken your passion with a real partner, but on the contrary, it will teach you to give and receive much more pleasure in sex.

Masturbation technique for beginners

The number of ways of female masturbation is very large. But in most cases, clitoral massage is used with the help of hands, stroking the genitals with various objects, water fun, etc. Many women like the simultaneous stimulation of the vagina, anus and nipples.

But if you are just learning to masturbate and don’t know what will give you more pleasure, start small – by getting to know your body. To do this, you need to find half an hour of time and retire to the room. You will have to get naked and create an intimate atmosphere: turn off the phone so that no one disturbs, dim the lights, perhaps put on sensual slow music. 


Lying in bed and relaxing, close your eyes and turn on your fantasy. You can imagine any handsome man, but the fantasy must be erotic in nature. At the same time, start slowly sliding your hands over your body, stroking your chest, neck, shoulders, going down lower and lower, as if repeating the movements of an imaginary lover … If you have problems with lubrication, do not forget to moisten your labia with special lubricant, petroleum jelly or saliva.

Without haste, explore the genital area with your fingers, checking how sensitive your clitoris is to touch, whether you feel a shiver when you massage its base, or small labia; what kind of movements do you like better – slow and measured or fast and multidirectional … Caress the clitoris longitudinally and along the entire length, “teasing” it, circling your finger, you will feel how your hips rise from pleasant manipulations, anticipating a sweet continuation. 

Having practiced, you will definitely discover your own recipe for masturbation, which will give you a firework of emotions, after which you can experiment and find new ways of sexual "self-expression". And to kick your imagination in the right direction, here are some of the best masturbation techniques that are definitely worth a try.

Ways to masturbate for women

Classics of the genre – manual masturbation

Most often, women masturbate with their fingers – one, two or three – stimulating their clitoris, labia, anus. As a rule, this is done with vertical downward and upward movements, circular strokes, or pendulum tapping, but a combination of these movements usually gives the best effect. 

There are girls who like to regulate the pressure on their labia with a fist. There are even more who prefer more tangible pressure with the palm of their hand. You can start the “game” with finger caresses, and as sexual arousal increases, move on to stimulation with the palm of your hand, and at the same time caress the “lips” with your fingers, or insert them into the vagina. Many of the fair sex in this way get a stronger orgasm.


Water ways of self-satisfaction

The impact of a warm water stream, light tingling and a feeling of jet pressure on the clitoris and the entire genital area can lead to the brightest sexual sensations and even multiple orgasms. The most accessible way of such stimulation is to use a shower head, the jet from which you need to move along the vulva and clitoris. Be sure to experiment with water pressure and flow direction, as well as water supply modes. 

The use of sex toys

Masturbation with adult toys provides a truly fabulous experience, achieved by both external and internal stimulation. Using, for example, a vibrator that is capable of working at different speeds, you can choose the most pleasant stimulation intensity. Most women like fairly strong and high-speed stimulation of the labia, and more gentle and slower when it comes to the clitoris.

Those who do not really like the vibration can experiment with the dildo, acting on the clitoris and their labia at the same time with the help of their fingers. After inserting the dildo into the vagina, try to find and stimulate the point of female pleasure (“G”).


Take a ride

Having mastered the basics of masturbation a little, you can enjoy it much easier and for this you don’t even need to close yourself in the bedroom. So, you can masturbate while riding almost anything. This could be the edge of a table or washing machine in spin mode, the edge of a tub, a pillow, a soft toy, etc. 


The best way to relieve stress after a hard day is to “play” with yourself a little. For “easy” masturbation, you need to stock up on a feather (make sure it is clean!), A brush, a living flower. Stroke the genital area with a feather, enjoy the tickling strokes of the clitoris without aggressive pressure. An orgasm in this way will not be quick, but it will pleasantly surprise you with its strength and colorfulness, so be patient!

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