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Do you know what "perfect sex" is? Mutual passion, which is satisfied by two loving people who are able to guess each other’s desires and give their partner inexpressible pleasure. This is the dream of both men and women, but, unfortunately, not so many lucky people can say that their sexual relationship is truly perfect. 

Ideal sex: what is it?

In principle, making your sex life more harmonious is not so difficult. You just need to know the rules of perfect sex and be guided by them in practice. And what are these rules, we will now tell you:

Firstly, only self-confident partners can selflessly have sex. Forget about your problems, let your desires to have fun and give pleasure to your partner lead you. 

Do not try to make love to the "accompaniment" of a working TV, which will distract you from the process. By the way, sexologists do not advise lovers to watch emotional melodramas before sex, which at the subconscious level reduce attraction.

The importance of foreplay for perfect sex is undeniable. The only exception, when there is no time for foreplay, may be spontaneous sex in extreme conditions. In any other cases, depriving yourself and your partner of foreplay, you make sex less vivid. Wear beautiful underwear that your partner will be pleased to remove from you, please him with an erotic massage, try to give him some new caresses.


Do not rush to end your romantic evening with sex, your growing desire will eventually lead both of you to an enchanting sexual release.

Do not be silent, enjoying each other’s bodies. Try to compliment your partner by praising all parts of his body. Let him feel the most desirable for you. In addition, do not hesitate to tell your partner what is best to do in order for you to experience pleasure, what pace to choose. If he managed to touch the "sensitive strings", let him know that he is on the right track – it can be a slight groan or some kind of approving exclamations. By the way, these sounds are very turn on men.


There should be no place for selfishness in your bed. Ideal intimacy involves complete dedication to a partner – not the pursuit of one’s own pleasure, but concern for mutual pleasure.

Try to surprise your partner more often. So that your sex sessions are not monotonous, from time to time seduce him in places that are unusual for you. Or, for example, meet him, who has returned from work, in sexy lingerie and start caressing right from the threshold, dragging him into the bedroom.


Experiment with poses. Of course, you should not repeat everything that is in the Kama Sutra, but you can look there for fresh ideas. Acrobatic etudes do not need to be implemented, since they are more likely to cause injury than pleasure. Try what feels comfortable to you and brings pleasure to both of you.

Perfect sex is impossible and … without a healthy sense of humor. Do you think there is no place for laughter in bed? Sometimes it comes in very handy – for example, if mastering a new position, you fell out of bed. Just laugh at the situation, and continue the interrupted activity, instead of finding out who is to blame for it.

Don’t be afraid to fantasize. Many erotic fantasies that are born in our heads are quite worthy to be brought to life. Perfect sex is impossible without impromptu and improvisations that make the pleasure even brighter!

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