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Penpal sex: a sign of our time


Sex with a virtual partner allows you to believe in a dream, to translate your fantasies into cyber life. Today you can make love to Robert Pattinson and tomorrow you can make love to Antonio Banderas. Penpal, of course, does not replace real communication, but it can help you be more desirable.

You can’t see your partner, so you can imagine anyone. All your fantasies are accepted and not condemned, in return you will learn about the frank dreams of another person. Communication at this level is almost never possible to establish in real life, complexes and shyness do not allow.

If no one interferes with you, does not knock on the door and does not peep from under closed eyelids, you have the opportunity to completely relax and get satisfaction. But first, you still need to chat with the interlocutor on abstract topics in order to understand how each of you reacts to each other’s remarks.

Don’t be playful and show excessive modesty, you are here for a specific purpose, so bring the experiment to the end! There are usually quite a lot of people who want to have sex by correspondence, so you can choose a partner with whom you are “on the same wavelength".

Do not think about the real appearance of the Internet interlocutor, otherwise you will deprive yourself of the most attractive side of virtual sex – anonymity. After all, no one forces you to talk about the actual size of the chest and the volume of the hips. It is better to choose a sexy image for yourself in advance and stick to it, at least with this partner.

You can create several different questionnaires to experimentally understand what attracts men the most. Yes, and you yourself can choose from several partners of the best. In pen pals, the style and language of the interlocutor plays a huge role, because if you are jarred by his expressions, no intimate relationship will work.

A man needs to be praised both in real life and in cyberspace, this is the law for women who want to have quality sex! Give more compliments: “What a strong and hardy you are!”, “I like to love you!”, “I want you more and more!”. Such phrases are never redundant.

Penpal can be a good preparation for real communication, it will help you to loosen up and be more courageous in life. Such communication will give you objective information about what men want. You can ask any question that interests you and hope that a person will answer you frankly, because he has no need to hide something from a virtual partner.

Think of cybersex as a milestone on the road to happiness in real life. True, you should not get hung up on this lesson, because there are a lot of other interesting things in the world.

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