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7 Signs He’ll Never Marry You


Women tend to build far-reaching plans, barely starting a relationship with a man. She mentally imagines herself in a veil already on the first date. And even after ten meetings, he still doubts whether it is worth calling her again. How to learn to see the real intentions of men? Learn to recognize the signs of fear of marriage.

There can be many signs of his unwillingness to marry. Let’s take a look at seven of the most important of them.

1 He doesn’t like commitment. This can manifest itself in many ways. For example, he perceives friends as associates in parties. But he will never help them with moving or landscaping the dacha. He does not fulfill his obligations to his parents well, forgetting to call them and refusing to help. He does not promise you support either, trying to keep his distance.

2 He is still looking. New acquaintances appear on his page on the social network, he is in correspondence with several girls. Walking with you in the park, he examines the beauties around with interest.

3 He is sure that you are not his ideal. He talks about a fictional ideal lady, letting you know that you are not her. He constantly compares you to her. By the way, the lady in this situation can be real, for example, his first love, his mother or a movie star.

4 He notices all your shortcomings. When a man is in love, he does not see flaws. And if he criticizes you on business and without, then, alas, he is rather indifferent to you.

5 He’s a hormonal shaker. At the time of the hunt for a woman, a man releases a whole cocktail of hormones. Norepinephrine invigorates and gives confidence in strength, phenylethylamine pleasantly excites, dopamine allows you to feel successful, and serotonin creates a feeling of stability, a pleasant emotional upsurge. There are men who are addicted to this "cocktail". They are also called Don Juan.

6 He is afraid of attachments. There are men who only accept long distance relationships. Any attempt to close the distance leads to nervousness or even attempts to disappear from your life. If you come across such a type, it is difficult to expect a marriage proposal from him.

7 He was severely burned in the recent past. For example, recently divorced or faced with the betrayal of a loved one. In this case, he may not be ready for marriage for a long time. For example, the average time it takes a man to get through a divorce and want to get married is 4 years. Previously, pestering him with this question is simply pointless.

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