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A slippery question: who buys the bride’s dress?


Indeed, this question is not as idle as it might seem. When buying a wedding dress, you need to take into account many nuances and the interests of many people. The tastes of the bride, wedding traditions, the venue of the celebration, the wishes of friends and relatives – especially future ones, the possibilities of local shops – and who will pay for all this? It’s just that the head is spinning for a young bride who wants to make her wedding day unforgettable and not overshadow it. Let’s think and think about all the possible options …

Let’s take wedding traditions and signs. On the one hand, the groom should not see the bride’s dress until the wedding day. On the other hand, according to an old Russian tradition, the future mother-in-law buys the dress for the bride.

It is assumed that she takes over the material side of the process. And who pays, he orders the music. No need to take the proposal of a future relative with hostility. Use this episode as an opportunity to establish a good relationship with your mother-in-law. Visit the store with her. It is the store where you have already visited the day before and “almost" chose a dress. All you need is her advice.

Rest assured, she will gladly approve your choice, throwing off the tedious duty of shopping with a girl you don’t know well. And if you also offer to share material hardships with her, she will fully appreciate the delicacy and generosity of the future daughter-in-law. Thus, traditions will be observed, and your independence will not suffer.

If your future mother-in-law does not care about traditions, then you can take care of the wedding dress yourself. Since buying it is not a cheap pleasure, the best way out is a clubbing between the bride’s relatives, most often, of course, parents.

It is better, again following tradition, to provide your beloved with the purchase of rings. The point is not only that the groom to see the bride in a wedding dress before marriage is a bad omen, they say, there will be no life. And that you will prepare a surprise for your loved one. He will see you as he has never seen you, except in a dream. Moreover, shopping is simply contraindicated for most men, even with such a pleasant purpose.

If the groom is wealthy enough, then you can simply pay for the purchase. And you go to the salon with your girlfriends. Both you and your future husband will enjoy this.

The most democratic option is, defying all conventions and signs, to purchase a wedding dress, sharing with your loved one both material expenses and tedious shopping trips. In the end, you want to be together in joy and in sorrow, in wealth and in poverty. And the fact that he sees the dress is not a problem. On the wedding day, the main thing for him will be the sparkle of your eyes …

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