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Mother of many children Tori Spelling


Tori Spelling dreamed of her family and children for a long time, but she managed to fulfill her plan only on the second attempt. In 2005, she met Dean McDermott and instantly fell in love. The Union of Actors was officially registered in May 2006. The couple has three children, and another baby is expected in the fall of 2012.

Tori Spelling is a television actress and the daughter of successful Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling. It was his series that made her famous in the 90s, when American youth literally fell in love with the spectacular characters of Beverly Hills 90210. Tory could not repeat the success of this work, but she succeeded in another.

Dreaming of marriage and children, she was constantly looking for her chosen one. At 30, the actress first went down the aisle with actor and screenwriter Charlie Sheinian. Under the same roof, young people could not get along and dispersed in 2005. Then Tori Spelling finally smiled luck. She met her prince named Dean McDermott. Both had to go through the divorce procedure, and in May 2006 the couple legalized the relationship.

With children, the actress decided not to delay. She has always claimed that she wants to have many children. Firstborn Liam was born nine months after the wedding, a year later, the actress gave birth to a daughter, Stella. Tori’s film career began to decline, but she discovered new types of creativity.

In 2007, a new series called "Tori and Dean" was released on American television screens. Each of his series is a story from the everyday life of a couple. Filled with humor and love, these documentary videos of the Spelling-McDermott family have been popular for six seasons.

In the year her first daughter was born, Tori Spelling launched a jewelry line under her own name, and also released an autobiographical book that became a bestseller. The following year, her second work on the delights of motherhood was published. In 2011, the family was replenished with a second daughter, Hattie.

Tori Spelling is a crazy mom who does everything herself. She very rarely resorts to the services of a nanny and, nevertheless, has time for a lot. There is a feeling that after meeting Dean and having children, she gained a second wind. Unloved by her domineering and cold mother, she felt lonely for a long time. Now everything seems to have changed.

In 2010-2011, Tori Spelling released two more books and guest-starred on several TV series, including a new version of the series that made her the star of 90210. In June 2012, expecting her fourth child, she agreed to become the host of a new show. Thanks to the children, the actress improved relations with her mother. She relented and even created a trust fund for her grandchildren for several tens of millions of dollars, ending a years-long quarrel with her daughter.

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