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Advanced shopping


Many women are faced with the fact that the purchase of minor things "eats" a significant part of their family budget. This usually happens because at the most inopportune moment, tights are torn, hairpins are lost, and products run out. And when the money has already been spent, then a problem arises: “I didn’t seem to buy anything, but so much money flew away." Perhaps, in order to become an "advanced" buyer, you need to understand some of the rules of shopping.

First you need to evaluate – what is really missing in the house, and what can you do without for now. And then make a long list of necessary purchases. The next step is to choose a shopping day. This is necessary so that on the day of purchases the lady is sexually satisfied, as well as full. Oddly enough, but it is in a state of scarcity of pleasures that a person is able to buy a lot of superfluous things.

The world of shopping is treacherous for the consumer because of the temptation to succumb to advertising traps. It should be borne in mind that pleasant music, twilight and walls painted in pastel colors are designed to lull the vigilance of buyers in boutiques and set them up to receive pleasure in the form of new clothes. Therefore, just go to the store to "look" is not necessary. It’s best to stick to the list. For example, if the apartment is being renovated, then for the duration of it, you need to refuse to go to other stores, except for construction and, of course, grocery stores.

Some ladies will be able to claim the title of "Shopping Queen" if they learn to bargain and learn the tricks of acquiring inexpensive but high-quality items. For example, in the market, you can first simply find out the price. And then start looking for some flaw in the thing you have chosen: start doubting its quality aloud, find some slight traces of lipstick, invisible puffs from nails, microscopic cracks, etc.

And then try to reduce the price by 50% -30%. You should not pay special attention to arguments like: "I’m just a distributor", "I’ve already sold twenty of them today." If the owner is intractable, then one must pretend that she agreed with the cost of the thing, and then begin to hesitate and try to leave, as if having changed her mind. All this must be done confidently and believably. Usually sellers’ nerves can’t stand it and they are ready to give way in price significantly.

In order not to regret later on extra purchases, you can make it a rule to go to boutiques, markets and shops without money. And ask the sellers to postpone the thing for a while. If you really like a piece of clothing, then you will want to return for it. And in the case when it turns out to be superfluous, then the delayed decision to make a purchase will fade away. To refrain from shopping on the Internet will help the appropriate browser plugin that blocks ads. Also, few people know that in second-hand shops you can buy branded, new things at “ridiculous” prices. But in order to buy inexpensive things, you need to become a connoisseur of prices.

It is better to buy those products that are stored for a long time at wholesale depots and in supermarkets. It is better to move around the store counterclockwise, then it is more likely that at the same time “along the way” a hand will not rise to buy something unplanned. Buying products in large quantities, you can save not only money, but also the time and effort spent. Because in this case you can go by car or hire a taxi.

The principle “What is more expensive is better” often fails. Since consumers usually pay for the brand name, not for the quality of the product. Therefore, large purchases in the form of a vacuum cleaner, TV, dishwasher or washing machine should be done with the help of a consultant. Here it is important to find out about the ease of use and quality of electrical appliances. Beauty, of course, is also important. Such purchases must be planned in advance.

Sometimes it is useful not to buy things, but to use them by renting. Why pay for a dress you only need for one night? Or buy a disc with a movie that you can watch at most once? You can also buy from hand some things in fairly good condition. There are advertisements for this on the Internet. By the way, there you can sell unnecessary things that are a pity to throw away and have no one to give. With friends, you can exchange the services of acquaintances. For example, she will advise excellent and inexpensive hairdressing services, and she can be told where it is cheaper to hire a good plumber.

With knowledge and putting into practice all the secrets of shopping, you can “look your best”, spending less money and effort. The family budget will only benefit from this.

What if the purpose of the relationship is something unconditional for which both the man and the woman could take responsibility? What if this is… the practice of love? Love is what is within us; something for which we are responsible in both good and bad times. Love allows us to focus on our own efforts and responsibilities, as well as to notice the advantages of our partner. Too many people focus on taking something from the relationship. But, for a harmonious relationship, you need to give, take responsibility for your happiness, and then “invest” it in others.

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