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wedding ring after divorce


Sometimes family life cracks and collapses. Once happy brides and grooms turn into unhappy spouses, and an inevitable divorce occurs. It is worth knowing what you can and should do with an engagement ring, which from time to time reminds you of a broken relationship.

The wedding ring has long been a symbol of marriage. They are exchanged by the bride and groom, binding themselves to each other for life. Regardless of how receptive you are to energy flows, whether you believe or not believe in omens and beliefs, rings, like many other objects, carry a certain energy impulse. They most directly affect you and the events that happen to you. Therefore, you can not wear a wedding ring after a divorce.

Do not leave the ring in your house or store it with other jewelry if you want to live a fulfilling life and give yourself the opportunity to find true love and remarry. Otherwise, you risk constantly experiencing various obstacles when forming relationships with the opposite sex.

There are numerous ways to get rid of unwanted wedding rings. For example, you can melt the ring for another piece of jewelry, or you can return it to your ex-spouse or to the family treasury.

Recall the circumstances that took place when purchasing your engagement ring. If you bought it together with your ex-spouse, then the best option would be to return the ring to the man with whom you failed to build and maintain a home. If you inherited the ring, return it to the heirloom keeper.

Pay special attention to this issue if you got married in a church. Visit the temple and find out what to do in such cases. The ring participating in the ceremony is charged with the most powerful energy and will have a constant influence on you. However, it is worth bearing in mind here that such forces never unite or separate people if it is not necessary. After all, it is not in vain that they say that marriages are concluded, and therefore terminated, in heaven.

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