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When You’re Sad: The 10 Best Love Novels


When it’s windy, cold and rainy outside the window, and notes of sadness lay in a misty veil on the heart, it’s time to get a love story off the shelf and plunge into the abyss of distant passions. So, sit back, put a cup of your favorite tea next to you and go to the worlds of love.

In moments of sadness, the hand itself reaches for the shelf with romance novels and hangs in the air while the sweet lady chooses a book. Unfortunately, most modern romance novels leave much to be desired, because the reader quickly catches himself thinking that he is facing another “clone" with changed character names and scenes.

And yet, there are novels that not only conquer with their plot, but make you fall in love with them seriously and for a long time. These are the best works about love that will make the reader feel the fate of the characters, laugh and cry with them. And what else do you need for a good rest from the hardships of everyday life?

The novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen was written 200 years ago, but still has not lost its relevance and popularity. Its pages immerse you in the world of Old England of the Victorian era with its slowness of being, restraint of feelings and riot of prejudices. Against this background, the love of a smart, sensible girl and a man who seems haughty, to the ends of his hair, is born. The romance of the book can only compete with its expressiveness of images and the nobility of the main characters.

"Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell is a book that not only captivates, but, like its main character, boldly takes the reader’s heart captive, not letting go for a moment. The story tells about love, war, betrayal and loyalty, singing the uniqueness and beauty of life itself with every word. This is one of those books that, once read, it is impossible to forget.

The novel The Thorn Birds by American writer Colin McCullough introduces the reader to three generations of a family of Australian workers. The romantic saga plunges into the beautiful world of Australia, which is filled with difficult relationships between the characters. Love, piercing and beautiful, like the dying song of a bird in a blackthorn, fascinates the reader, forcing him to sympathize and empathize with the characters. The book is read in one breath.

If you like historical adventure novels, the series of books about the adventurous beauty Angelica is what you need. Roman Anne and Serge Galon "Angelica" makes you empathize with the adventures of a brave woman who, faced with a huge number of obstacles, goes to her goal, conquering the hearts of men and keeping love in her heart.

The novel A Bride for an Earl by Barbara Cartland tells the story of the ugly Lucinda, married to an unloved, but rich and influential man, to whom her father lost at cards. A charming and determined girl managed to turn the situation in her favor and find true love.

The Turkish writer Reshad Nuri Gyuntekin wrote one of the strongest love novels, "Korolok – a singing bird." This is a touching story about a young woman who, having gone through many life trials and adventures, experienced passion and betrayal, pain and joy, is looking for her way to happiness.

Robert Gulrik’s book The Faithful Wife is an action-packed novel about love and deceit, as well as the unpredictability of "simpletons".

Human life is just a short moment in the infinity of eternal being. But true love is unforgettable. She, like an imprint of the soul, lives forever, reborn in memory even through the centuries. The beautiful tale of love "The Raven" by Bertriss Small takes the reader to eleventh century Wales, but the memories of the heroes return them to even more ancient times.

Another "Welsh Romantic Tale" by Marylisle Rogers, called "Singing the Morning Star", introduces the reader to two girls who look like two peas in a pod and are as different as day and night. Opening the pages of this novel, you will plunge into the world of magic and sorcery, betrayal and selflessness, walk softly on the green velvet of the meadow to witness the birth of true devoted love.

"Twilight" – the first book of the "vampire saga" tells about the birth of love between an ordinary American schoolgirl and a noble "vegetarian" vampire.

The beauty of books is that you can always experience a romantic adventure or visit distant lands from the comfort of your own home. Read on and let life wait.

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