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Aiza Dolmatova: where success begins


Isa, how would you describe yourself? What caption would you put under your photo?

In general, I consider myself to be a very modest person and I don’t really like to talk about my life, but if necessary… I would write “different" under my photo. Today I develop several commercial projects. This is a barbershop, as well as beauty salons. In addition, I host the “Party Zone” program, which is broadcast on MUZ-TV, pose as a model and even have experience in hosting events! I can rightly consider myself a blogger, I publish photos and videos on instagram. At the same time, I try to convey to the readers information of a philosophical and spiritual nature. I do not pretend to be right in all judgments, however, the warm feedback from readers allows me to hope that someone needs my notes. My dream is to become a writer. And working in this direction, I have already begun to write an autobiography. As soon as you manage to escape from the rapid pace of Moscow life, I will work on art. However, I consider my mother’s duties to be the most important thing.

Can you say something about yourself as a professional in any field?

I would not like to give myself a categorical assessment of my work. I can only say one thing – I am capable of much. And if now I do not have sufficient knowledge in some area, I can learn and do everything to the highest standard.

Tell us how your ascent as a successful woman began?

I think that the origins of my success are connected with the period when six months have passed since the divorce. Then I did not make attempts to become successful, I just wanted to do something that would help my loved ones hope for me. I am glad that my efforts are now deservedly rewarded.

Aiza Dolmatova: where success begins

What education did you receive and what criteria did you use to choose your future profession?

I can boast of two formations. My first diploma gives me the right to work as an international lawyer, the second – as a PR manager. However, the knowledge gained within the walls of educational institutions was practically not useful to me. The main thing that made it possible to achieve certain successes was formed from personal experience and unfortunate mistakes. Of course, I do not urge anyone to abandon their studies, but on a personal example I can draw only skeptical conclusions about it. When it was time to enter the university, I didn’t think much about what I wanted to become, and the knowledge that we received in the university auditorium is very far from reality and modern conditions. Probably, therefore, it is simply impossible to apply them in practice.

Aiza Dolmatova: where success begins

Can you name someone or something that influenced you at the beginning of your journey?

I can’t name anyone who provoked my decision to become successful. At one point, I found myself without a roof over my head and without food, and I had no choice but to start moving. I think life decided to teach me a serious lesson and she succeeded. The only person who influenced me during that period of time was myself.

How did your professional activity begin?

I started making my own money at the age of 14. I liked everything to do with fashion, so I worked part-time on the set, as well as in magazines as a stylist. My first task was to insert 4 batteries into each of the 500 flashlights needed for the fashion show. I have never been afraid of work. But it so happened that after the wedding, I completely took up the affairs of only my husband. Now I know for sure that this was my biggest mistake and I do not intend to repeat it. Today we have a joint business, where our powers are divided and everyone is responsible for the tasks entrusted to him. It took me 30 years to figure out what I really need. Now I already know about it, for which I am very grateful to God. Previously, I almost immediately lost all interest in the chosen work, switching to another direction.

Aiza Dolmatova: where success begins

How did the idea to organize a style laboratory called Ailab come about?

Initially, at the suggestion of my friend, it was planned to create a beauty salon. The idea impressed me. The only thing that was embarrassing was the mediocrity and banality of an ordinary beauty salon. The development of this idea led to the emergence of a style laboratory project, in which the appearance is completely changed and the image is selected. Reincarnation necessarily includes the selection of makeup, hairstyles, suitable clothes, and shoes. In general, this is a grandiose project, where all the stages are thought out personally by me. I can say with confidence that this creative work inspires me to new experiments.

Are you running your own business now, or are you also involved in other projects?

In my professional life there is a place for AiLab, GuFactory, for filming a program on MUZ-TV, as well as for participating in fashion shows. I can’t confidently call myself a professional model, but some designers, as well as famous photographers, do not agree with this. I am not going to stop only on this activity. I will gladly take part in exciting, interesting projects if I can find time, which is almost completely occupied by my business.

Aiza Dolmatova: where success begins

Who contributed to your great business success?

An important role belongs to the readers of my Instagram page. These people have always supported my undertakings and continue to instill in me confidence in the correctness of the decisions made. I am grateful to my readers and believe that without them I would not have been able to achieve such success as now. Their support is important to me, like any media person or artist. I can call my fans a “pixel family”, which I really appreciate for the love and attention shown.

Name the life principles that are fundamental to success

There are no special personal principles. There is a sincere desire to remain honest and communicate with people in confidence. I didn’t get star fever, which I can’t say about many people around me. I am the most open, always direct and frank person, and everyone around me immediately feels it.

Aiza Dolmatova: where success begins

Your wishes to girls who are just starting their journey to success

The only thing you can wish for is not to be afraid. If you are a coward, you will not be able to advance in any business. Courageous people are able to achieve the best results. Never give in to problems, be sure to try, make mistakes, no matter what, try again until the moment when you are satisfied with your results.
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