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All for viewing: the best family comedies for the New Year


We make a list of films that we will watch on festive evenings

Very soon, we are waiting for the New Year holidays, in other words, feasts with relatives, walks in the parks and, of course, watching your favorite movies at home in the evenings. We offer our own selection of holiday pictures that you should definitely include in your New Year’s program.

Elf (USA, 2003)

Jon Favreau gave us a Christmas ribbon that both adults and children will love. According to the story, Buddy Hobbs, who always dreamed of being in a fantasy land, fulfills his dream by accidentally getting into a magic bag that delivers the guy to the North Pole, where he finds himself among the elves. However, as he gets older, Buddy notices that he is beginning to "stand out" a little from his new family. How the magical story ended, we suggest you find out by looking at the picture on one of the first holiday weekends.

All for viewing: the best family comedies for the New Year

"Four Christmases" (USA, 2008)

Another winter comedy directed by Seth Gordon. The life of the spouses Brad and Kate is rather unremarkable: they work and celebrate holidays, like all neighbors. A couple in love plans to celebrate the coming Christmas with their families, but the divorce of the parents of the newlyweds does not allow all relatives to gather together. Young people have no choice but to go to four celebrations, where they will have to establish difficult relationships between warring parents.

All for viewing: the best family comedies for the New Year

"Home Alone" (USA, 1990)

The legendary Christmas comedy by Chris Columbus. The McCallister family goes to Europe for the holidays, but in the turmoil of preparations, one of the family members, Kevin, forgets, who managed to make a wish in order to spend time quietly without his noisy relatives. However, being home alone is not as much fun as young McCallister thought. You have probably seen the famous painting, and yet it is simply impossible to refuse an annual viewing.

All for viewing: the best family comedies for the New Year

"Santa Claus" (USA, 1994)

A story about a modern wizard directed by John Pasquin. On the shoulders of Scott Calvin lies a difficult task – he must ensure the delivery of gifts for millions of children, because Scott is none other than Santa Claus. The hero will not only have to fulfill the mission entrusted to him on time, but also to establish relations with his son, which turns out to be no easier than working as the main winter wizard.

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