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And who are you? Actors who are rarely recognized on screen in makeup


We have gathered the main masters of reincarnation

Most super-famous actors can be easily recognized at their first appearance on the screen. But that’s why they are professionals, in order to mislead fans from time to time, hiding behind makeup in such a way that you doubt whether the actor indicated on the poster is really playing here. We have collected the coolest masters of disguise who have been surprising us for several decades now.

Jared Leto

The artist managed to prove himself not only as a professional actor, but also conquered more than one million girlish hearts, performing all over the world with his musical group. In recent years, Leto regularly pleases fans with appearances on the big screens. And it’s not always clear who exactly Jared is playing until you check the information on the Web. So, in the acting piggy bank of the star, masterful reincarnations in such films as "Dallas Buyers Club", "House of Gucci", as well as the bright role of the cult villain in the David Eyre comic book. In all these roles, Leto is absolutely unrecognizable. The actor himself said that even colleagues on the set could not recognize him.

And who are you? Actors who are rarely recognized on screen in makeup

John Travolta

The Hollywood actor managed to participate in films, probably of any genre. Travolta is not at all afraid of heavy makeup and the fact that his image on the screen will be too comical. He easily agreed to play a female character, and not the most pleasant appearance. The actor said that his suit weighed more than 10 kilograms, so he had to spend more than 12 hours in a hot and heavy suit, while trying to give all his best. The star admits that he is always ready to discuss any plot twist and is not afraid of difficulties if the screenwriter and director so require.

And who are you? Actors who are rarely recognized on screen in makeup

Johnny Depp

Probably one of the few actors who try to hide their natural attractiveness under layers of make-up, embodying eccentric and not always pretty characters on the screen. Of Depp’s relatively recent roles, one can single out James Bulger, an American gangster who lived in Boston in the mid-70s of the last century. There are very few external similarities between Depp and Bulger, so the make-up artists had to try. But the result exceeded all expectations – many viewers did not immediately understand who Depp was playing.

A professional make-up really works wonders:

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