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Autumn coat: choose a style


In cool and rainy autumn weather, a coat will help to keep warm and comfortable, which will not only reliably protect against cold and wind, but also create an elegant and feminine look. To choose the right style of an autumn coat, you need to take into account the features of the figure.

First of all, the choice of a coat model depends on height and build. Almost any style is suitable for tall and slender girls, but the most advantageous option is a straight coat with a belt just below the knee length. With a small stature, you should pay attention to models with a high waist, and for owners of magnificent forms, a trapezoid cut is preferable, which will help hide the fullness.

Non-standard shoulders, chest or hips cause a lot of trouble when choosing clothes. So, with wide shoulders, loose-fitting coat styles with a minimum of details in the upper part are recommended. Shoulder pads, shoulder straps and breast pockets, on the contrary, will help to balance the outlines of the figure for fragile girls. In addition, with narrow shoulders, it is desirable to emphasize them with the help of double-breasted coats with a belt.

Large breasts are undoubtedly the dignity of a woman, but she causes inconvenience in the formation of a wardrobe. Owners of a luxurious bust fit single-breasted styles up to the middle of the thigh, with a V-neck and a wide belt with a large buckle. Small breasts will be visually enlarged by a coat with a waist line, emphasized by darts, a belt, and an accent in the chest area: a large collar, pockets, drapery.

If funds allow, there may be more than one autumn coat in the wardrobe: they can be selected for specific looks or changed based on the trends of the season. But in order to keep up with fashion, it is not necessary to spend a lot, guided by the trends of the current year, it is enough to choose a universal and always up-to-date style. In particular, the classic English woolen or cashmere coat with large buttons, the British trench coat or overcoat – a double-breasted model with patch pockets, epaulettes and a wide belt – these styles look equally good on both full and thin girls, giving the image a stylish look. In addition, a medium-length short coat with fur trim is always in fashion.

The final choice of the style of the autumn coat should be made during the fitting. It is advisable to consider several models in order to compare which one best suits the style, hides flaws and emphasizes the advantages of the figure.

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