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Wonderland: 4 best movie fairy tales for the whole family


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We all love fairy tales, no matter how old we are. When we have children, together with them there is an opportunity to live our childhood again, but with a lot of experience behind us. Why not spend the coming weekend watching your favorite fairy tales with your little one? Or maybe some of our list will be a discovery for you. Who knows.

"Alice in Wonderland" (2010)

The fairy tale, authored by Briton Lewis Carroll, is familiar to almost every child in the world. Alice’s adventures have been filmed many times, one of the most popular appearances of Alice on the screen was a cartoon released in the middle of the last century. At the start of the last decade, cult director Tim Burton seized on Carroll’s book and gave us a semi-animated tale with a gothic twist, starring both live actors and designer-rendered fairy-tale creatures. There is probably no better way to spend a weekend with a child than watching a familiar story from childhood in a modern visual design. Well, or if you’re a fan of Burton’s work.

"The further into the forest …" (2014)

Musical film collection of classic fairy tales from all over the world. After the release, the film received mixed reviews: critics smashed the picture to smithereens, but the audience was pleased with what they saw. Here you will find the original presentation of Little Red Riding Hood, where Johnny Depp played the role of the Wolf, and the story of the beanstalk and the cannibal, and Cinderella and Rapunzel will not do without. Director Rob Marshall has put together a truly stellar cast: James Corden, Meryl Streep, Chris Pine, Anna Kendrick and other equally big names. We are sure that you will be impressed by what you see and, especially, by what you hear – all the actors sing themselves, so we watch only in the original with subtitles.

Wonderland: 4 best movie fairy tales for the whole family

"Blue Bird" (1976)

It’s not often you see your favorite actors from both sides of the ocean in one film in one film. The Blue Bird is exactly that. The film was attended by such stars as George Vitsin, Margarita Terekhova, Jane Fonda and Elizabeth Taylor. Impressive, right? A familiar story, although it was put on the screen more than forty years ago, every time you enjoy watching it. Be sure that the child will get a lot of impressions from watching the movie, by the way, you can invite the baby to read the book together, and then watch the movie and compare book and screen characters.

Wonderland: 4 best movie fairy tales for the whole family

"Golden Compass" (2007)

Adaptation of Philip Pullman’s fairy tale Northern Lights. The plot revolves around the girl Lyra, who challenged the dark forces of the North, polar bears will come to the aid of the young warrior, who will help Lyra deal with the mysterious disappearance of children in the country of permafrost. Director Chris Weitz made the film in the steampunk style, when the characters of the story either collide or use steam engines, while in the world of the director there is a place for magic and theology. If you did not have time to evaluate the movie fairy tale, it’s time to sit down to watch the whole family this weekend.

Wonderland: 4 best movie fairy tales for the whole family

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