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How to surprise your boyfriend in bed


Do you think that in any situation you need to remain yourself? Perhaps this is correct, but not when it comes to sex with a beloved man. This is where you can show your acting talent and try on many different masks. And while the right girls remain themselves and do not go beyond the limits of decency even behind the closed doors of their bedrooms, we will try to understand how to surprise the man we love, and thereby make love games even more interesting and unforgettable. The women’s magazine allforwomen.inform.click is happy to share its secrets of transforming an ordinary bedroom into a passionate temptress’ boudoir.

Everything in your family is decorous and noble: sex on Thursdays and Saturdays, oral sex once a month. Husband doesn’t complain, neither do you. Everyone is used to it, everyone is happy. Good script? But no! It has at least two possible negative outcomes. The first is the betrayal of her husband, the second is your betrayal. However, there may also be a third option – an open relationship, when each of the spouses realizes that his other half goes to the left, but is silent, because the very stigma is in the cannon. And such a scenario deprives you of the most important thing – the real pleasure from sex, which, it turns out, can also be on Mondays, and not just in the marital bed, but in the most unexpected places.

How to surprise your boyfriend in bed

Proper dinner

How does your sex with your loved one begin? Same caresses, subtle hints “about it" or a direct offer? Try to go further and start foreplay not in the bedroom, but in the kitchen. No, this is not about sex on the kitchen table, but about the right dinner, with which you can surprise your beloved man and provide both of you with good sex. The road to the heart of a beloved man has long been paved, so leave a hearty dinner for another day, and on day X, replace potatoes, pasta or dumplings with a light dinner of products that can significantly increase your loved one’s sexual desire. A good aphrodisiac dinner would be shrimp salad with avocado or mushroom julienne, which are rich in protein and zinc, and therefore can add sexual energy to a man.

Satisfied and full, your husband will be ready for "dessert", and will be very happy that instead of a pie or a cookie, you will offer him something more interesting. This is where the biggest problems begin, because many women think that surprising the man they love is not very easy. But the women’s magazine allforwomen.inform.click knows that the most pleasant surprise for each of us is the fulfillment of secret desires, which you can’t always tell others about. In addition, allforwomen.inform.click can share with you the most popular male desires and, of course, the ways to fulfill them.

I’m looking forward to

You can while away the time while waiting for your loved one with the help of telephone conversations with a friend, or you can do something more necessary and interesting – your own excitement. Just do not need to say now that such things are unacceptable for you, and independent love games are the lot of single or unsatisfied ladies. Moreover, for the purpose of excitation, it is absolutely not necessary to use various methods of self-satisfaction. It is enough just to watch a good erotic movie or admire your reflection in a new erotic set of lingerie.

This method only at first glance seems simple, but believe me, with its help you can not only surprise your beloved man with unexpected passion, but also discover new sides of your sexuality.

How to surprise your boyfriend in bed

Peep, honey

One of the most common male fantasies is to spy on someone who indulges in love pleasures. You don’t necessarily need to invite someone else into the bedroom to make this fantasy come true. How to surprise your husband yourself? There are two options: spontaneous and by agreement.

In the first case, you need to do everything so that your loved one accidentally sees how you caress yourself with your hands or sex toys. Thrills and subsequent rough sex are provided to you. Of course, this option is suitable for those couples in which sex toys are “approved” by the husband.

For more conservative couples, a game of peeping is suitable, during which you may not transform into a nurse, a schoolgirl or another priestess of love games, but by agreement you will pretend that you do not notice your husband peeping at you. Surprising a beloved man in this way is also easy: an ordinary dance to the music, which turns into a frank striptease and ends with the exposure of the peeping, will make an indelible impression on him.

New is not always well forgotten old

Evaluate your home clothes from the point of view of a man. Old and faded, but such comfortable pajamas, a stretched T-shirt from the time of the Soviet shortage, which you don’t mind getting dirty. Do you choose clothes for the house only in terms of practicality? Then you make one of the biggest mistakes in the history of your family life.
Forget about the fact that any thing that is no longer suitable for going outside the apartment should turn into clothes for the house.

A lot has already been said about the fact that you can surprise your beloved man with the help of a new set of underwear. But before you surprise your husband in bed with new erotic lace, make sure that he is pleasantly surprised by your home clothes. After all, it is not easy for him to change every time from a housewife who pays a minimum of attention to her appearance, to a beauty in erotic lingerie.

This does not mean that you need to walk around the apartment all day long in lace thongs with bows. There is a huge selection of homewear that arouses interest in men, but is not too revealing. The choice of allforwomen.inform.click is the so-called babydoll (short dresses for every taste, which can be silk, lace, cute and passionate). With the help of this piece of home wardrobe, you will quickly understand how to surprise your husband and keep him sexually interested all the time. And going for new clothes for the house, look at the same time and new bed linen, which must certainly have a pleasant texture and attractive colors.

Sometimes it is enough to pleasantly surprise your beloved man once in order for your sex life to play in a new way for several months and give a lot of new impressions.

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