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A banal and unfashionable expression, for many, today. And in these winter romantic days and evenings I scroll through it and, I’m not afraid to say, I’m obsessed with it. Why didn’t they talk about marital fidelity and “not very …"? What else can be clever here? But why do many live as they lived, pretending that they are a family? And then, standing at the edge, at the abyss, they cry, hysteria, swear “I won’t do it again”, “you are the only one like that.” Moreover, I’m not talking only about the male desire for extra-family adrenaline … Women, although they hide behind real reasons, also do not lag behind in this.

He is not the one, she is not the one. How can we recognize this and not torment each other? Sailor wife, soul, muse. And he is a scoundrel, a muddy type, a deceiver, an energy vampire. And quite the opposite: a burning, desired by many, obstinate “non-housewife” next to a dream man: both faithful and responsible, a father of fathers, the very best … Everyone has their own inner world, its content. Parents, those around us, and most of all, we ourselves must work on this. Or rather, we should not, but we can, if we want. Indifference to yourself and others does a great job. After all, doing nothing in this direction is easier, pretending to be more convenient. We ourselves are destroying what we have built or what we could have built. So why regret again, give someone a chance again, make attempts to be happy if you need to be her, but not through a mountain of deceit, building crystal castles, giving yourself as an attachment to someone’s rich life. You can be happy without having anything, or you can be deeply unhappy with immeasurable wealth or decent prosperity.

But let’s get back to the topic, as I affectionately called it – "extra-marital adrenaline" (or simply – treason). I didn’t think I’d run into this myself. Not caught, not a thief. But many facts still incline me to the idea that you need to be extremely careful and observant. And how gross it is. Dig, suspect, find new superfacts about something there. And maybe no one will call me normal if they know that I slow down, that I forgive and worry every day. Love … Probably, it gives me strength to fight for us, to dream about the future, to eradicate thoughts about the "third" superfluous (fifth, tenth). I don’t know how long my internal reserves will last me, well, I just want to not be like everyone else or not be like everyone else. I don’t want to close the doors and look for a new day with suitcases in a terrible depression, I don’t want to be a hysteric who, having turned into Holmes, does not give life to himself or to him. It’s disgusting, it’s unbearable. In a conversation with one of the "suspects", it turned out to be a normal woman, she heard the phrase that you need to be above all this, and also that she loves her husband and he seems to be her. She had a nice conversation and said that she also had “fits of jealousy” and suspicions of treason, but she advised to figure everything out. I also made a mistake with the number, it turns out, having talked with the right person at that moment, because from my loved one I heard that I was crazy and all that, that I never cheated and don’t want to. He just has a gift to deceive in such a way that even a lie detector will not detect anything. It was like in a movie: I ran down the stairs after him, screamed, followed something, was in a terrible hysterics, because I wrote a message to one of the unknown numbers and, as it turned out, they didn’t have sex, but in the club they just danced. What a delight, I thought. And

while she was digesting the information, a wave of anger was pumped up, which then spilled over into the offender. The only thing that saved him then was not aggression, as often happens, but tenderness and affection with the right words. This is what I wish for everyone. Men, if you have inherited in your soul, then you should not rush and not be indignant, but do something, because there is a limit to everything, and to our nerves and tears too. One fine moment, nothing will remain, everything will burn out. And although you will live as a free bird, wandering from one to another, from third to fifth, remember it more than once. Fornicated cats of this format do not deserve anything but the same errant cats. No, no, give you pure angels. To do this, first look at yourself, at your lies, at plans outside the family. And I’m sure it won’t be very nice and, of course, I wouldn’t want to be treated like this. Do not kill the person in her, do not trample on her feelings, do not be indifferent to every little thing done for you. Do not add to the list of traitors, do not hurt. Maybe I’m describing my vision of a relationship in an idealized way, but isn’t this normal and deserves the right to be real? There would be a desire.

I was always killed by the fact that not everyone can hear a simple “sorry” from everyone’s lips. What if it could save someone’s departure, I’m not talking about life, but … although yes, from someone’s life forever. Is it really normal for someone to cry, presented by the behavior of one person to another. How can you leave without understanding, spit on everything. And the worst thing is the attack! Precisely – this is a vile weapon for justification. But what is happening at that moment with another person who has done nothing wrong. He is just a victim of someone’s aggression and attempts to justify himself. So it turns out – another snowball: he hurt, but did not apologize, continues to live according to his "male" laws. And next to her is the one who gives all of herself, who was just waiting for this “sorry”. I finally heard “do not be offended”, oh well, what did it cost me. Doesn’t matter. It just depends on the family, and on what was invested in this child. If he observed this for a long time in the relationship between mom and dad, this imaginary dad’s heroism, when mom never heard these words. Naturally, it is necessary to re-interpret and show with examples that this is only for the benefit and is in no way associated with humiliation. And then we are talking about some bed passion! Where can I get it if the soul is filled with disrespect and indifference. But how to convey this to the offender? So I tried, bumping into an attack. It turns out that I am to blame for his “night stays”, for blocking on the phone, for messages of a certain number of “them” with different overtones, for unknown calls on the phone. And most importantly: there is an answer to everything, there is a pretext for everything, a reason. And most importantly: the absence of treason as such. Although, who knows. It’s unclear. Again: not caught – not a thief. That’s how we live. What for? Don’t know. Wait and see. Maybe this desire to be a star for everyone will outgrow, or, as it were called, to be on the ointment with everyone, without touching, without changing. Maybe I’ll realize that I’m wrong and stop naively believing in fairy tales. How much can you already? Most funny. How many times I ran into unpleasant moments in this regard, but I still believe. It’s time to grow up, perhaps mentally. You know, I have always been convinced that traitors must be dealt with harshly, not spared a single gram, they must, oh God, be hanged, burned, and the rest It’s time to grow up, perhaps mentally. You know, I have always been convinced that traitors must be dealt with harshly, not spared a single gram, they must, oh God, be hanged, burned, and the rest It’s time to grow up, perhaps mentally. You know, I have always been convinced that traitors must be dealt with harshly, not spared a single gram, they must, oh God, be hanged, burned, and the rest

I won’t speak out loud. I always waved my head when they showed on a talk show those women who are being cheated on, and they give them a chance. Terrible, and now I myself doubt what to do. Wait for the exact moment that will help me figure it out or still stop being an investigative forensic specialist and let go of the situation, letting it take its course. It is these romantic winter evenings that tell me that I need a reboot and calm the soul, relaxation, or something. But still, this hated Holmes lives in me, I want to get rid of his syndrome, and he haunts me. Yes, okay, you need to switch, calm down, relax. And it’s not far from depression. This needs to be tied up. Let everything go as it goes. It’s decided.

Recently, in a minute-long correspondence, she spoke with “suspect” No. 2, as it turned out, she was married and with children, but that was the only thing that saved her. She told me that she had nothing with my husband, but she admitted that she did not love her husband, but was simply financially dependent on him. Yes, this is news to me, but, to be honest, the sediment after the conversation remained. I imagine what the everyday life of such couples is full of. I think it’s terrible, but it’s real. So far, everything “unnatural” has come to us. Well, families will only be like that with unnatural smiles, words, actions, and so on. And then she left her previous husband because she cheated. What do they lack? So come and say: "You are not like that, you need to change something or it is impossible to change." So no, you have to climb other people’s beds before you understand that at home she is real, ready for anything for you, which will not betray and sheds tears for the scoundrel. Spiritual separation is a very complex problem for many families, and as long as it exists, then there can be no talk of any bodily “friendship”, well, perhaps, on the side. And there is such a joy and closeness that there is nowhere else to go! According to many, this is something sweeter, more pleasant than hugging your own, devoted and once desired. And you try to do something so that these lights sparkle in her eyes, so that the smile shines, so that it radiates warmth. What is weak? It’s easier to go to another field! And you try to do something so that these lights sparkle in her eyes, so that the smile shines, so that it radiates warmth. What is weak? It’s easier to go to another field! And you try to do something so that these lights sparkle in her eyes, so that the smile shines, so that it radiates warmth. What is weak? It’s easier to go to another field!

There is no victory without struggle. You need to fight, hoping for your trophies, for those little things that seem to give a smile and give hope that everything will be fine with you. The inability to fight is a disease of many people in a relationship. I just know for myself that nothing can be achieved by repeated tantrums, only to exterminate myself. If everything is so bad and incorrigible, then it is better to step aside, take a waiting position. Look at yourself in the mirror, start communicating with new people who will see in you a zest and those advantages that you have not heard about for a long time, which you forgot about or covered up under an inferiority complex. And it is given to many by their lover, so that they do not relax, apparently, or that they do not turn up their nose. The art of building relationships cannot be learned as "excellent" or "good." Only by the method of "stuffing cones" can something be extracted. analyze everything, do not be lazy to look for a way out. Perhaps then another family will remain. Do not refuse to lend a hand, maybe this person has gone astray for some reason. And if you can be wise and reasonable, you can survive everything together. Sisyphus, of course, does not always have to be, but try to change something for the better in your power.

Love to all and family adrenaline! (in the best sense of this expression).

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