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How to have anal sex


From time to time, many women find themselves in a situation where a regular sexual partner starts a conversation about his desire to diversify his intimate life. At the same time, men who are thirsty for new experiences often offer to try anal sex. A woman who has never practiced this type of intimacy before should do the necessary preparation. This will allow not only to get mutual pleasure, but also to avoid possible unpleasant consequences.

The female vagina is naturally capable of adapting to the size of objects introduced into it. The same cannot be said about the anus. Therefore, the inept behavior of partners during anal sex can lead to injuries to this delicate part of the body.

First of all, of course, you should take care of proper hygiene. Some women prefer to preflush the rectum with a cleansing enema. However, this is not required. Enemas in themselves are not very useful, because they wash out the beneficial microflora. Therefore, their use is justified in case of painful constipation, but not as a hygiene procedure. It is enough just to wash the anus with soap or an intimate hygiene product.

However, going to the toilet "for the most part" before anal sex is still desirable. This will allow you to get more pleasure from the process and fully relax. Since with a crowded intestine, a woman during anal contact may feel the urge to defecate. So an enema can come in handy if it was not possible to empty the intestines naturally.

It is best to prepare the anus for penetration after the woman is already sufficiently aroused by foreplay. You need to start with the caresses of the area adjacent to the anus. Their appearance depends on the emancipation and preferences of partners: some men, for example, like to caress the anus with their tongue, but you can do with simple stroking with your fingers.

When the woman relaxes a little, you can try to insert a finger into the anus. Nails must be trimmed! On the finger and on the anus, you must first apply lubricant. You can use both a regular water-based lubricant and a special lubricant for anal sex (it may contain, for example, an antiseptic or lidocaine).

If the sphincter instinctively contracts, you need to stop the penetration attempts and return to the erotic massage of the anus. After a while, you can try to re-insert your finger into the anus. In general, it may take several attempts until the sphincter stops responding to compression intrusion. After penetration, do not try to push your finger too deep. Let the woman get used to the sensations. You can make circular movements of small amplitude with your finger, trying to gradually expand the anus. When a woman feels relaxed with her finger inside, you can insert it a little deeper.

By the way, it is not at all necessary for a woman to carry out this preliminary stage with a partner. To get used to the sensations, she can prepare on her own – with the help of her own fingers or intimate toys. Moreover, before the first attempt at anal sex, it is best to “exercise" more than once.

After the woman gets used to the presence of foreign objects inside the anus, the first attempt to insert the penis can be made. The most popular anal sex positions are as follows:

1 The woman lies on her side, pulling her knees to her chest, the man behind. This position is especially good for first time anal sex. Since in this position the muscles are most relaxed.

2 A woman is on top of a seated man. In this position, a woman can take control of the process and independently control the depth of penetration.

3 The woman lies on her stomach with her legs wide apart. The woman’s clitoris and nipples will be further stimulated by friction against the bed.

4 The woman leans forward at a right angle. In this position, the anus is stretched as much as possible and is at an optimal angle for penetration.

Regardless of the chosen position, the technique of anal sex should be quite delicate. The anus is narrower than the vagina and wraps around the penis very tightly, so there is no need for vigorous movements. By the way, at the first attempts of anal sex, you should not try to enter the penis completely, so as not to cause discomfort to the woman. It is better to increase the penetration depth gradually, with each new anal contact penetrating 1-2 cm deeper than the previous time.

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