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Blue blood: stars whose possible ancestors are real aristocrats


You might not have guessed that your favorite artists have relatives in royal families around the world.

For the past few days, public attention has been focused on the story of Maria Maksakova, who may be a relative of Joseph Stalin. While it is difficult to say whether the singer and politics are really connected by the same blood, we decided to compile a list of artists who are most likely distant relatives of the monarchs.

Brooks Shields

The actress became famous in the late 80s, starring in the frank film "The Blue Lagoon", and then appeared on the red carpet for several years in the company of the King of Pop. Brooke was considered at that time the most beautiful girl in the world, many compared the girl with a fairy princess, which is interesting, Shields is indeed a descendant of the French king Henry IV, but the actress herself rarely talks about her origin.

Robert Pattison

The main Hollywood "vampire" is cold on the screen, but nevertheless managed to conquer millions of fans around the world. The actor boasts aristocratic pale skin, tall stature and expressive features – almost a medieval knight or a representative of an ancient family. In fact, there is some truth in this statement. Briton Pattinson is a distant relative not only of Elizabeth II, but also has Romanian roots, many even believe that the actor may be related to Vlad the Impaler, the same count who became the prototype of the cult Dracula. Perhaps that is why his Edward Cullen turned out so believable.

Ralph Fiennes

We are accustomed to associate Fiennes with the image of the demonic Volan de Mort, whom the actor played in the saga of the wizard boy. According to the plot, the dark lord gives the impression of an imperious and aristocratic villain. However, Rafe can hardly be called a hostage of one role, in addition to cinema, Fiennes actively takes part in theatrical plays, where he most often plays persons of royal origin. There is nothing surprising here – the actor is a distant relative of the Scottish King James II.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Probably, there is no person who can remain indifferent to Benedict. In addition to outstanding talent, the actor managed to receive an award from the Queen herself. Interestingly, Cumberbatch is a frequent guest at royal receptions. Of course, it may seem that in this way the monarch’s family shows courtesy, but not everything is so simple: Cumberbatch’s distant relative is the English King Richard III. Benedict himself even played the ancestor in a series of films for the popular British television network.

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