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Colin Firth’s wife can ruin her husband?


Colin Firth with wife Livia

The married couple of Colin and Livia Firth is considered to be almost perfect. In public, they are always sweet and smiling with each other. Colin Firth is a famous actor, Livia is famous for her environmental activism. But it turns out that not everything is so smooth in their family outside the light of the cameras. Blogger Pick_nick shared the secrets.

According to press reports, Livia is rapidly spending her husband’s fortune.

It is said that Mrs. Firth spends huge sums on furnishing several of her houses, and also forces her husband to support her relatives.

The money is running out so fast that Firth is now considering agreeing to play in the third sequel to Bridget Jones’s Diary, just to top up the empty account.

Insiders report:

I would like to believe that the Oscar-winning actor will still convince his wife to change her mind and will choose only those films in which it will be possible to play at will, and not for the sake of money.

Colin Firth's wife can ruin her husband?

Colin Firth with wife Livia

Colin Firth's wife can ruin her husband?Colin Firth's wife can ruin her husband?

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