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How to marry a Hindu


Beautiful, mysterious, exotic and original – India. Will everything in it be clear to a Russian woman? One must weigh the facts, think about traditions, before linking one’s fate with a Hindu.

Russian women perceive India as a country full of dances and songs, a country of men passionately in love. But real life makes its own adjustments. In terms of population, India is in second place. First of all, it is a land of contrasts.

Rich areas coexist with terrible slums. Unique nature along with the poverty of long overpopulated cities. There is a high risk of contracting an infectious disease due to the hot and humid climate.

If it so happened that you fell in love with a Hindu and are going to marry him, then without the right morale it will be difficult for you. Hindu culture is such that you will be shocked by the lack of sanitation. And the optionality and irresponsibility of the Indians will greatly strain.

It is unlikely that you will be able to marry a wealthy Indian. They prefer girls from their circle.

There are many customs in India that we do not understand. For example, the burning of the dead on the banks of rivers. And then the ashes will be scattered over the same river. Almost simultaneously in the same river, other people will perform ritual ablutions.

India is the birthplace of the Kama Sutra. So Hindus must be quite skilled in love.

It is also worth noting that in India, death, no matter what, is always considered natural – fate. The people of the country have a very reverent attitude towards their religion. Interestingly, they always monitor the cleanliness of the body, but completely neglect the order in the house.

Indian cuisine is characterized by a large number of spices and vegetables. Meat is rarely cooked, and then mostly chicken. In addition to the lower strata of the population, Hindus rarely drink alcohol. This is usually wine or beer.

The most profitable professions are doctor, lawyer, university professor or company manager. Almost all average families have a car, most likely a used one. Clothes and shoes are inexpensive, but they are not happy with the quality either. Absolutely all segments of the population love jewelry. Even the smallest girls have gold earrings or chains; they are given them for their birthdays. Despite the fact that preference is given not to the skill of making jewelry, but to its size. The larger the product, the more willingly it is accepted.

Indians rest at home, and travel mainly to holy or healing places. Only very wealthy people can afford to travel to other countries.

Large and large families love to gather for noisy feasts. Very fun and loud, but at first a little unusual.

The number of children in a family is determined by income and health status. In an ordinary family, there are 3-4 children, the rich have 2-3, and the poor sometimes have 9 children.

India is famous for its variety of wellness methods. Only in extreme old age do people begin to complain about their health. Mostly Hindus do yoga, which helps someone to lose weight, someone to make their body flexible, or just relax and release blockages.

Family relations in India are based on mutual respect and understanding. Love and sensuality are essential features of a relationship. Quarrels happen quite rarely, but if the spouses quarrel, they don’t talk at all for a long time or communicate through children. In a divorce, the main part of the property remains with the woman if she was born in India. And if the divorce is with a foreign wife, then the court will consider that she has not lived in the country for long, and the man has acquired his property without her support and help.

In the first place, a wife should have a husband and cooking. And children only after that. Moreover, almost everything is allowed for children. But in high school, young Indians become responsible. The quality of children’s education depends on the state of the family.

To take a child out of the country after a divorce, there must be a notarized permission from the father. But it happens that only if there is a return ticket, the head of the border unit will be able to release the child.

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