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Let’s put aside the hypocrisy and admit it: fantasies of hot resort sex excite the imagination of many of us. It is not difficult to implement them, the main thing is to observe precautionary measures, "so that later it would not be excruciatingly painful …".

Why are we ready for adventure in summer? Because everything is cyclical – in the cold season we have hibernation, from which we wake up when the heat comes. The sun’s rays increase the production of hormones, as a result of which the soul and body together begin to want sex. Having gone on vacation to a resort, we are subconsciously ready for sexual adventures, and we often do things there that we could not even think of before. Well, except for stealth. While no one sees. Women at the resort often decide to expand the boundaries of their sex life, and are happy to experiment in bed, with members of their own sex as well. Everyone at the resort wants sex.

You should not hang the stigma of a “slut" on yourself and be afraid of public censure. But to take care of the "protection" – very much so. Despite media calls to use a condom, many women choose pills, ointments, creams, etc. as remedies for unwanted pregnancies. – so that the pleasure is complete. Yeah, but who thought about infections? About the same AIDS? They are infected not only from drug addicts, besides, spa sex occurs most often with an unfamiliar person, whose state of health you cannot know. “It’s better to overdo than underdo,” is exactly the case. When you are young, you don’t worry too much about protection. But by the age of twenty-five, the instinct of self-preservation finally raises its head.

By the way, your new partner himself may not know about his disease – this happens when the incubation period has not passed, and there may also be no symptoms due to the characteristics of immunity.

In short, girls, stock up on condoms – only in this case, a new experience will not bring you anything but good!

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