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Did the man give you a new piece of jewelry? Showed unprecedented care and praised your mother’s borscht? He deserved to be a cowgirl. This position provides many movement techniques that will please men and make them fulfill your every desire. We will reveal for you a few secrets of the pose from above. And you start thinking about what to ask your loved one. And get ready for a wild night! After all, when you get off the guy, he will want to recoup and show everything he is capable of.

While riders: how to prepare?

Start preparing in a pose in a timely manner. After all, in order to please a lover, you need to show good physical fitness. You can ride a man from 5 to 30 minutes. To do this, the leg muscles must be pumped up, and the cardiovascular system should work well. The gym, aerobics at home, jogging and swimming will help you get in shape. Can you get up to the 7th floor without getting short of breath? Then you are ready to climb on your loved one!


In addition to the muscles of the legs, train the muscles of the vagina. To do this, perform Kegel exercises. Imagine that you have a pencil in your crotch that needs to be lifted up and then lowered. Exercise should be performed 10 times 3 times a day. Thus, you will not only give a man more pleasure, but also get a brighter orgasm. 


How to surprise? 

You should have at least 5 different movements in your assortment. A guy can fall asleep if you monotonously move on him without even changing the pace. Alternate three paces of movements:

• circular;

• back and forth;

• up down.

Start at a slow pace. It is best to start with oral sex, which will let the man understand without words that today the initiative is in your hands. Of course, if you have been excited all evening, you want to immediately start moving actively. In this case, do not restrain your passion. But if you are in a romantic mood and want to please a man, feel his desires. Move slowly, alternating the type of movement and seeing which one the guy likes. When a man is close to orgasm, slow down, lean in to kiss him. Change your movements. Then speed up again. At the very end, you can accelerate as much as possible and arrange a real race. After the guy reaches orgasm, don’t get up. Keep kissing your lover. Ears, nipples, neck, lips. You may not have to get up and the man will be excited again. 



Don’t limit yourself to just the bed. Try the cowgirl pose in the car, in the kitchen, on an office chair, or on a friend’s couch. If you are close enough with a young man and completely trust him, try anal sex in the cowgirl position. Remember that in this case you need to move very slowly at first. 

Try to tie a man to the bed with handcuffs, blindfold him. Any of your initiative will show your loved one that you are trying to surprise him and get closer to him. Having jumped well on a man, be sure that he will not remain indebted to you! Become kind, affectionate and smiling.

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