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Creative personality: Bond creator Ian Fleming


Bond. James Bond "- this is how one of the most famous heroes in the world, the legendary agent 007, appears. Every woman secretly dreams of such a man. Every man would like to be in his place – to stay in the best hotels, drive the most expensive cars and enjoy gourmet cuisine. The creator of this famous character is the English writer Ian Lancaster Fleming.

The writer was born on May 28, 1908 in London, in the family of a member of parliament, Valentine Fleming. After graduating from Eton, he made an unsuccessful attempt to get a job at the Foreign Office. He became a journalist, first in the Reuters newspaper, then in The Times. Several times I was on business trips in Moscow. During World War II he served in foreign intelligence.

No wonder it is believed that his literary hero acquired many of his habits from the author. Ian Fleming was distinguished by his love of adventure and a beautiful life. His whole life seemed to become an example of the fact that it is not necessary to work hard to achieve success. Sometimes it is enough just to be aware of your desires, to have a fairly lively character, a bright temperament and not be afraid of anything. He easily changed attachments, professions and women.

Even during his work in British intelligence, Ian Fleming enjoyed the love of his superiors due to his literary talent. His reports, reports and reports read like exciting detective stories. Thanks to his imagination and adventurous spirit, Captain Ian Fleming developed the most incredible and unimaginable special operations. He was even approached by American military intelligence for help in developing particularly complex military operations during World War II.

After the end of World War II, Ian Fleming settled in Jamaica, where there were no problems with food and curfews. The territory was not affected by the bombing and was not filled with refugees. The writer settled in a small bungalow called "Golden Eye". It was there that James Bond, agent 007, would later be created, and the first books about him would be written there.

The first novel by Ian Fleming was published when the author was 45 years old, and immediately gained immense fame. James Bond books began to be published in millions of copies. They were read by everyone, from a simple worker to well-known politicians such as John F. Kennedy. Many attribute Fleming’s success to his healthy cynicism about his work. The creator of 007 himself has always said that he wrote his books for pleasure and money.

The personality of the author of works about James Bond in the minds of readers is so intertwined with the personality of the most important character that it seems simply inseparable. In 2008, the London Imperial War Museum opened an exhibition dedicated to the centenary of the birth of Ian Fleming. The curators of the exhibition entitled "For Your Eyes Only: Ian Fleming and James Bond" admitted that they could not, despite their best efforts, separate the author from his hero.

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