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Danny DeVito: being short is not a problem


Danny DeVito is a popular American actor. He is known mainly for comedic images, but the range of his roles is much wider. In addition, he is a successful producer, director, screenwriter and singer. De Vito’s dizzying career proves that short stature is not a problem for a purposeful and talented person.

Danny DeVito was born in New Jersey in 1944 to a close-knit Italian family. Low growth compared to peers distinguished the future actor from early childhood. His parents even took him to the doctors to find out the cause, but no anomalies were found. Then they decided to compensate for this lack with a good education and sent their son to a private school.

At school, Danny DeVito managed to gain authority among his comrades. An amazing sense of humor and charm allowed him to divert their attention from his peculiarity. He constantly invented scary stories, imbued with black humor and irony, which made the listeners either laugh until they colic, or freeze with horror.

By the age of twenty, Danny DeVito had grown only to 152 centimeters. Excess weight and short legs did not add self-confidence to the young man. After graduating from high school, he joined the family business, working at his father’s barbershop. While serving customers, Danny gets used to listening to women’s gossip, but another conversation between two older ladies caught his attention. It was about Jack Nicholson, the nephew of one of them, who became an actor and went to Hollywood. That same evening, the young man went to the cinema to watch a movie with the same Jack of his favorite horror genre. The desire to become an actor had long lived in him, but after that incident it got stronger.

In the early 60s, her sister advised Danny DeVito to improve his skills and at the same time earn money. He went to New York to study make-up at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, while also taking acting classes. At the end of the course, Danny never returned to New Jersey. He went to Los Angeles to fulfill his dream.

The first agent told Danny DeVito that it was impossible to become a famous actor with such growth, but the young man did not give up. For two years, he went to numerous auditions, moonlighting in different places. At this time, he met his best friend Michael Douglas, with whom they rented an apartment together for a long time. It was Douglas who, a few years later, invited DeVito to the picture that brought him popularity. It was the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), starring Jack Nicholson. Critics immediately started talking about Danny DeVito as a characterful and temperamental actor of the new generation. No one even hinted at his short stature.

In the actor’s piggy bank, Danny DeVito has a lot of diverse and vivid images, but the audience especially liked him for his comedic roles. The first such work was The Ruthless People. Several memorable comedies de Vito created with his friend Michael Douglas. These are Romance with a Stone and the Pearl of the Nile. Over time, de Vito turned his short stature into a powerful actor’s tool, often playing in contrast with his taller colleagues. The best duet from this point of view was his tandem with Arnold Schwarzenegger, for whom this was a good reason to change roles. The result of their partnership was the unforgettable films "Twins" (1988) and "Junior" (1994).

In 1987, Danny DeVito took over as producer and director. Funny and charming in life, he turned out to be a harsh leader, but this work has borne fruit. The painting "Throw Mommy off the Train" became a cult classic. In 1989, DeVito directed the black comedy War Rose, starring Milk Douglas, which was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Today, Danny DeVito prefers to spend more time working behind the scenes, filming from time to time in bright episodes. In 2012, he voiced the animated film The Lorax, and not only in his native English. The actor became the first in history to personally dub the cartoon into several other languages, including Russian. As an actor, de Vito plans to continue the funny comedy of the 80s "Twins". In the sequel, the characters learn that they have another brother, possibly played by Eddie Murphy.

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