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Did Katy Perry convince Robert Pattinson to leave Kristen Stewart?


Robert Pattinson takes Katy Perry’s advice

Neither a joint life, nor romantic walks could save a couple of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart – the lovers broke up and parted, leaving no hope for a possible reconciliation. And if Kristen tries to survive the breakup alone, then Rob found solace in the arms of his close friend Katy Perry.

This weekend, Robert and Kathy spent at the ranch in Santa Barbara: the artists took part in the rehearsal of the wedding party. And although Rob’s fans were immediately worried about whether two free stars had an affair, the artists themselves did not show romantic feelings in any way and just had fun together.

And yet, without Katie, Pattinson and Stewart did not manage to break up: comments from insiders leaked to the network, which said that Perry, as an old friend, dissuaded the actor from forgiving his unfaithful bride. And assured Rob that he deserved more:

Apparently, Robert heeded the words of his girlfriend – but does the far-sighted Katie plan to have an affair with the now free handsome man?

Did Katy Perry convince Robert Pattinson to leave Kristen Stewart?

Robert Pattinson: Back to Kristen? Katy will be against!

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