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Do You Agree: The 5 Best Wedding Movies


If you want to plunge into the romantic atmosphere of the holiday, check out these paintings

Many girls dream of a beautiful wedding with their beloved man, which would be remembered for a lifetime. Wedding preparations, choosing a dress, a bachelorette party – all this makes the skin goosebumps with excitement and jitters. If you want a wedding, you want to plunge into its atmosphere after many years of marriage, or you just like to admire this holiday from the side, you should definitely appreciate the selection of these films.

"The Wedding Planner"

One of the most popular films about weddings, or rather, the wedding planner Mary, played by Jennifer Lopez. Mary is a real pro in her field: all weddings under her leadership go off without a hitch and without a hitch. In addition, the heroine is a careerist, and she herself was not going to get married until she met Steve. When Mary had already dreamed up the concept of her own wedding, she learned that she had to organize a holiday for her beloved … with another girl.

"Fiance for Hire"

The main characters are brought together by chance: Kat in an escort agency hires Nick as an escort to her sister’s wedding in order not to lose face in front of the former, who will be the groom’s best man. The heroes do their best to portray a couple in love, and at some point they realize that this is no longer just a game. This light film proves that love really comes when you don’t expect it.

Do You Agree: The 5 Best Wedding Movies

"Runaway Bride"

Everyone knows the wonderful acting duo of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere based on the legendary film Pretty Woman. However, there is another film in which this couple makes a splash. Runaway Bride is the nickname of the main character Maggie, who became famous for her habit of running away from under the altar. Journalist Ike, having learned about this story, decided to write an article based on the words of Maggie’s ex-fiance – the information was not verified and Ike lost his job. After that, he goes to the town, where the main character is already preparing for the fourth wedding with a new man. Ike and Maggie spend a lot of time together, and the bride wonders: will she have to run away again?

It’s funny that Julia Roberts canceled her real wedding two days before the ceremony in 1991. So, playing the role of a runaway bride in the 1999 film, she knew firsthand how to feel.

"I’m going to look"

This film cannot be called a romantic comedy or melodrama – this is a real thriller about the wedding night. Instead of enjoying time with Alex, his new wife, Grace, is forced to play hide-and-seek with his family. The heroine herself is not embarrassed by anything until the moment she finds out that the goal of the game is to kill the bride. Will Grace make it out of the crazy family’s mansion alive? Watch the movie and find out.

Do You Agree: The 5 Best Wedding Movies

"Father of the Bride"

A wedding is a significant day not only for the bride and groom, but also for their parents. The film shows the touching emotions of the father of the bride, who marries his only daughter. The film is centered around his experiences. This sentimental film is great for family viewing. Prepare handkerchiefs – you are unlikely to be able to hold back tears.

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