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If you want to enjoy the night to the fullest, you need to know the different ways of sexual caresses. It is clear that you will not use them every day, because this requires a lot of time, and it is not always enough. Make yourself and your other half, at least once or twice a week, a body holiday.

Secrets of sex.

Many people enjoy riding on their knees.

The woman sits on the man’s knee and rubs her pubis. It gives great pleasure to both women and men. Such caresses are very popular among lesbians. Those women who have trouble reaching orgasm get it faster this way. 
Practice using your penis as a living vibrator. Massage the clitoris with your penis, it excites both partners. If you need a buzz, turn on your partner’s electric shaver and enjoy sexual play to the fullest.

The penis can be used to massage the entire body of a woman.

It is better to start with her head, namely with her hair. Let the man kneel, the woman caresses his testicles, and he "combs" the partner’s hair with his penis.SEXY PETSStroke the skin near the ears, wrapping her hair around the penis. Then head towards the chest, caressing the partner’s nipples with the penis. You can use a lubricant or oil for a thrill. A humidifier can also be delicious, for example, jelly, which you will eat together with pleasure. A sufficient amount of lubrication will make the sensations incredibly pleasant. Go down, caressing the navel, pelvis, lower abdomen, legs with your penis. Lay the woman on her stomach and start over, focusing on the back and buttocks. Finishing your unusual massage, press your most intense penis to the arteries in the woman’s neck. Thus, you will feel their pulsation, which will merge with the pulsation of the artery on your penis.

Least of all in sex attention is paid to the legs.

But in vain. With the help of fingers, both a man and a woman can give a lot of pleasure. A woman can lubricate her big and second toes with lubricant and act like fingers. You can also lubricate the entire foot and caress the penis up and down. The man, in turn, lubricates the thumb with a lubricant and inserts it into the vagina, or lubricates the entire foot and thus caresses the woman’s perineum. It is very important that the toenails are well trimmed.

Another way to play is to caress the hips.

A man can be on top of a man and press her to him, touching his penis to the vagina, but not entering it, or let the man pass the penis between the woman’s thighs. Very exciting action.

If a woman’s breast size allows, then she can caress a man’s penis with them.

To do this, you just need to press the breasts one to the other and insert the penis between them. A man can press the woman’s breasts himself, and at this time she will caress her clitoris. Men are delighted when they see how a woman gives pleasure to herself. Caress of the penis with breasts can be combined with a blowjob, for this you need to get comfortable so that the penis is at the level of the woman’s head.

For most, squeezing the penis with the buttocks brings great excitement.

A suitable position when a woman lies on her side. SEXY PETSFor the best effect, the buttocks should be lubricated with a lubricant. The man moves up and down, and the woman squeezes and unclenches her buttocks to the beat of her partner’s movement.

The woman lies on her back with many pillows under her back.

The man kneels in front of her and drives his penis up and down between the lips of the vagina. Several of these movements can bring a woman to orgasm, because the stimulation of the clitoris is very large. A man can cum on the clitoris, which will bring great pleasure to a woman. Nothing in the world compares to that feeling. It is very important to take care of contraception, because in this way you can easily get pregnant.

Many men can bring their partner to orgasm with just testicles.

For this, the missionary position is used. The man puts his penis on the woman’s stomach, and places the testicles between the labia of the woman, who moves as if the man had penetrated her. Orgasm may not happen, but the fact that a woman will be very excited is for sure. 
We have presented you with enough ways to have fun, it’s up to you to decide which ones to use. Take the time and try each one. Bring something new into your sex life. Your partner will surely appreciate the decision to change bed games for the better.

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