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Family and career in the life of a modern woman


In the traditional sense, a woman has always been the keeper of the hearth, who runs the household and brings up children. The husband should be the breadwinner and take care of the material wealth of the family. But the world is changing and in practice everything may turn out to be completely different. Therefore, modern women often face a serious choice – a family or a career. You can make the right decision after carefully weighing and considering everything, after which you can find a possible compromise.

Career growth in the life of a modern woman can occupy the same important position as in the life of a man. Being financially independent, modern women receive moral satisfaction when they are in demand at work. In addition, it allows them to look to the future with confidence. Given this, many women in the modern world are trying to build a good career even before marriage. But it may happen that the work will take almost all the time, so that the family will no longer have it. The obvious poles of a career for a modern woman is the opportunity to become financially independent and devote herself to her favorite business. This will allow you to expand your horizons and gain a certain authority. But in choosing a career, again, there are also disadvantages. Firstly, you have to get used to possible overwork and stress, which adversely affect health and may not be a rare occurrence. And what can we say about family conflicts or even the loss of friends, for which there may simply not be enough time. The lack of free time when choosing a serious career will also become the “norm", since a career needs, like a family, to devote oneself completely.

In a family, on the contrary, a woman-housewife devotes all her time to family and home. Men are quite satisfied with this option – the wife is always at home, a delicious dinner awaits on the table, the house is always clean and tidy, and the children are under reliable supervision, receiving proper education and attention. However, women themselves may not look at this situation so positively. A woman leading such a lifestyle may have a feeling of unfulfillment, due to which an inferiority complex may develop. In the pursuit of self-expression, a woman may show excessive concern for loved ones, which can shake family relationships. The positive aspects of choosing a family are the opportunity to be constantly close to the children, which is very important for them, as well as the opportunity to actively work at home. You can actively monitor your health and appearance, actively pay attention to friends and not be afraid to oversleep for work. The disadvantages include the occurrence of boredom from an excess of free time and the absence of a husband nearby, who is constantly at work. Housework becomes a kind of duty.

Both family and career are very important in the life of a modern woman. What would be the best option? It is important to be able to separate career and family. If a woman has a managerial position at work, at home she should be a loving mother, a caring housewife and a good wife. Leaving work, try to leave all the problems within its walls. In the evenings and weekends, try to spend more time with your family, turn off your phone, rest and relax more often. Combining family and career in a woman’s life is not an easy task. There is nothing wrong with having a job talent and at the same time ensuring family happiness, in fact it is possible. Moreover, it is easier for married ladies to develop in business. It is better to build a career after maternity leave, which will allow you to calmly and confidently weigh everything and understand what to decide next with your career.
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